Snuff’s Missing Links 45

Stronzo Bestiale.


Stress mushrooms.

I can understand why a person might not bother with a Facebook account, but it would be worth creating one in order to lurk this page alone.

Mister Ed.

Vanilla sex.

Ice cube.

Bad news for modern man.


Eat your words.


I’ve been acquainted with Ross Sharp for a number of years. He is a good man with a colourful turn of phrase, veal tortellini, and a glass of riesling.


And finally.

About The Lazy Aussie

Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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5 Responses to Snuff’s Missing Links 45

  1. Mr Ed ; 800 hours of rendering, which means this technique is a couple of years away from full scale use. It will be sad to see the death of the acting profession : not.


  2. Plonka says:

    Laughed so much at ‘Bad News for Modern Man’ link that I now have a stomach ache. Best stomach ache ever! Thanks for that Snuff.


  3. Plonka says:

    I reckon I will, but I’ll wait til exams are over, I’d be on there all day. Loved brick fences too!


  4. Plonka says:

    Just went back in to see if I could find my favourite. Most of them make me laugh, but for some reason “Living”, Make Your Own Nut Milk” sends me off into uncontrollable giggles every time. That’s living alright! So on the edge.


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