The Dead Car Pool

A nice honest bad sign. Seen by Anon on the way to Geraldton.Cark-Park(1)

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36 Responses to The Dead Car Pool

  1. Rong1 says:

    Would add a little humour outside Karrakatta


  2. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    Carking it looks pretty attractive against visiting Gero.

    Sorry Mainy. RIP.


  3. NF#1 says:

    As far regional town centres go, I actually don’t mind Gero at all. A couple of decent second-hand bookshops, some nice buildings, and a few half-decent restaurants and pubs; a little like Freo before it turned to shit. Some of the nearby historical and camping sites aren’t half bad either. The original of the Merry-Go-Round By the Sea is nothing much to look at, though it seems a shame to reflect the indifference of thousands of WA highschool students in its neglect. As a caveat, I’ve willingly holidayed in the Wheatbelt several times; and therefore, perhaps, somewhat less critical than the average TWOP flaneur.


  4. juantrak says:

    The Munty Hotel is restored and is a beacon of long-ago wealth in that Eastern backwater of a town! That’s amazing!
    The last time I was in Munty (must have been the early 1980’s), you could have had a full-scale reconstruct of WW2 in the main street, and all you would have disturbed was a few rabbits!
    How many people know the Munty was the last-built of the State Hotels?
    How many people knew the West Australian Govt was even in the Hotels business for over 40 years?
    How many people know that there were a total of 9 State Hotels? – and who can name them all!?
    The Gwalia Hotel was the first SH, as Munty was the last.
    Not in order, there were;
    Dwellingup (formerly known as Dwardup)
    Wongan Hills
    Bruce Rock
    … as well as the aforementioned two hotels.
    All the survivors are Heritage-listed and there are substantial reports on their histories on the Gubbmint Heritage site.
    I have a story about the Kwolyin Hotel that not many people know.
    The Kwolyin had been seriously bypassed by the new highway many years before, and it was dying a slow death by attrition and lack of clients – and as a result of a poor position, on the wrong side of the tracks (literally) and by not being right on the highway.
    The owners hatched a plan to try and recoup their losses.
    To everyones horror (not the owners of course), there was a mysterious and massive fire in the middle of the night.
    The Kwolyin Hotel was no more.
    The owners rubbed their hands in glee and requested the insurance company pay out on the mega-dollar policy.
    However, the insurance company said, “Not so fast”.
    The insurance company execs discussed how there seemed to be many pointers towards arson. However, there was no firm proof that could stand up in court and result in a conviction. Investigations were carried out. Nothing could be found to directly incriminate the owners (of course, one bloke rapidly gained the nickname of “Jiffy Firelighter”).
    There were no grounds for avoiding a payout, so the owners thought. The owners demanded their cheque.
    The insurance company said, “Sorry! As in any standard policy agreement, we will finance the full rebuild of the pub! – instead of giving you a cheque!”
    The owners were dismayed. A pub rebuild was the last thing they expected – particularly in THAT spot!
    The owners came back and said, “O.K.! We’ll accept a full pub rebuild! – but it has to be rebuilt right on the highway! (a couple of blocks away).
    The insurance company came back, “Sorry, not so fast! Read the fine print! The hotel has to be rebuilt, in PRECISELY the same spot!!”
    The owners were dismayed even more. Faced with no options, they said, “O.K.! We’ll accept a rebuild on the same spot”.
    The insurance company then turned around and said, “Sorry, but your overall behaviour, plus other suspicious evidence, indicates arson – and we are refusing to pay out – as any SUSPICION of arson, is enough to make us refuse to pay out! We don’t need criminal charges and proven guilt in court, to refuse a payout!”
    The owners were fuming and threatened legal action to get their money – but the insurance company stood firm.
    They knew that any movement into a lawsuit would quite likely involve the truth coming out – and the owners probably understood this well, too.
    The owners never took any action, and they never got any payout – and the State lost another fine Heritage hotel.
    It wasn’t the only pub in W.A. to be burnt for insurance, and it won’t be the last.
    In a final twist, and in an indication that the “cops never rest”, the owners were charged with arson, fully 20 years later!


  5. Misspent yoof says:

    I’m told Karl Langdon went to primary school in Shackleton. That must have been traumatic for the other kiddies.


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