Climate Change

Snuff is still on tour, but Orbea reminds us that although it’s still Winter, it’s no secret that hot flushes are on their way. Subiaco. Although secrets of senility would probably be the go for this Subiaco location.


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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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13 Responses to Climate Change

  1. Misspent yoof says:

    The new Lathlain butcher on Gallipoli St (next to the TWOP-famous bomb shelter) sells hot beef or lamb and gravy rolls on weekends. Delicious!


    • JaneZ says:

      I saw the sign for those rolls today and wondered. But if there is one thing the Carlo-Lathlainian area doesn’t need, it’s surely another local independent butcher.

      While I’m on the subject let me recommend Antoine’s over on Kooyong Rd in Rivervale. V weird area but seriously great butchering going on. Smokehouse out the back, various and ever-changing Swiss smallgood delicacies, aged bronto t-bones, you will not regret it.


  2. JaneZ says:

    Also: liverwurst.


  3. Plonka says:

    A very squashy sausage, it lacks turgidity.


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