Outrage Sunday 153 the bonfire of the similes

I love the smell of RTD in the morning. There was a warm endorsement last night of TLA’s new business venture (the book-burning small bar, the name of which escapes me). If The Classroom gets them in, then his 451%-proof Hamilton Bomb served in inkwells will slay them. Those cunts over at the painfully-fashionable Hemingway’s Sorrow will try and firebomb him on the opening night, though. He’s assured me there’ll be a spot out the back to have a durry.





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2 Responses to Outrage Sunday 153 the bonfire of the similes

  1. Tinker Bell says:

    Fahrenheit 321. You got abused by the man who wrote Cloud Street. That is almost as good as getting rogered by Dick Francis. A shot rang out…


    • billoslatter says:

      That’s not abuse, it’s chiaking. Personally, i’m looking forward to Tim’s timely thesis on WW1.:The Battle of the Mong. Two West Australian lads travel to France in 1915. Chapter 1,Australian artillery gets more acccurate and half a German officer complete with pickelhaube goes flying over no man’s land and lodges in the wall of Ted and Norm’s trench. Ted and Norm discuss philosophy , women and art with the German officer , Gustav until his death.
      Chapter 2, Ted cops a bit of shrapnel and can now only utter the word “Bunbury”.


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