Teh West’s Inside Cover was salient and supportive today. The paper of record’s columnist was nice about students at ECU Daily and said they needed just one more thing to be “real players” (as opposed to false ones): an interview with Geoffrey ‘Biggles’ Thomas. Hear hear: as this March 10 report from Mr Thomas shows, he was on the money from the get-go when it came to the demise of MH370. “It might take investigators years to work out what caused the crash”, Mr Thomas concluded – but he knew. malaysia1malaysia2

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6 Responses to Biggles

  1. Sandgroper says:

    Geoffrey Thomas calling himself “Aviation Editor” needs some clarification. He’s actually 99% hot air, .999% Editor, and .001% Aviation Expert.
    This bloke does nothing more than prove up the old adage, “better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open it, and remove all doubt”.


    • Rolly says:

      Sorry, mate, you have just proved that adage with your own words.
      Try a Google search.


      • juantrak says:

        Google proves nothing more than the fact that millions of people fill the internet with their unqualified opinions, parading as fact, on a daily basis. Thomas is one of them.
        Thomas is a drongo of the highest order, He writes up numerous articles about the MH370 crash, speculating wildly with a dozen reasons for the aircrafts disappearance – then puts up an article stating that authorities must be careful they don’t speculate on the reason/s for the loss, and they must provide only accurate, verifiable information,
        Thomas’ writings then, only lead one to understand, that only Thomas should be allowed to speculate and produce fanciful, pseudo-aviation-speak in his articles.
        He’s a classic example of where a little knowledge is dangerous – like a self-taught bomb defuser who got his knowledge from unqualified people on chat forums, and Wikipedia.
        His effort of climbing into a simulator and explaining to the stupid masses out there, exactly what went on on the flight deck of MH370 is nothing more than an exercise in stupidity on his own behalf.
        His cringeworthy efforts at the sim controls shows he spends more time in fantasy-land than Michael Jackson ever did.
        His fantasy-land is believing that he’s the equivalent of a fully qualified ATPL, and trying to convince watchers and readers that he knows every bit as much as a qualified ATPL, when he doesn’t.
        Hundreds of vastly-more-qualified people, from Boeing designers on down, don’t have the faintest idea of what happened to MH370. We can conjecture and write BS articles until the cows come home – but it’s all just 100% speculation until we have some wreckage discovered and examined at length by the real experts.


    • LAME says:

      Could not agree more Sandgroper. Every time GT opens his mouth and discusses aviation, I cringe.


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