Year Zero

Daniel B takes us back to a simpler time, before vibrancy, when Michael Jordan could still sell colons. I don’t remember Rumba Bar. I found a dead link which claimed that wet pussies were only $6 and mojitos $8. This can’t be that long ago, but it was beyond year zero. Back when we were dullsville. Or was that Dawesville? Is there still a Bar Rumba? Surely it and it’s $6 wet pussies have been swallowed by a thousand new hip hop and Dubstep bars, each smaller and more vibrant than the last? And this Perth City Accord. It’s not an advertisement for tapas. It’s an “accord” between police and piss purveyors to you know, cool it. This would be late 90s maybe?


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Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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18 Responses to Year Zero

  1. vegan says:

    soon to be vanished: the advertising tower set for demolition this week.


  2. Joel T says:

    RIP Advertower. Lest we forget.
    I’m actually kind of shocked that none of those billboards feature Susannah Carr or Rick Ardon.

    If I remember correctly*, Bar Rumba was on Mountain Terrace, the alley between Francis Street and James Street, not far from a true vanished worst, the Taipan Room. There’s an apartment building there now.

    *May not be accurate, memory impaired by alcohol.


  3. pete says:


    A new community-based program to cut back on `binge drinking’ in the central city and Northbridge precincts would help reduce crime and violence, according to Police Minister Bob Wiese.

    Launching the new ‘Perth City Accord’, Mr Wiese said it was a strategic alliance between police, licensees, the City of Perth and the Health Department to promote safe and controlled drinking practices.

    “Perth is a beautiful city at night – both in Northbridge and the central city – and through the spirit of cooperation this new accord will ensure everyone gets the opportunity to enjoy a good night out,” he said.

    Mr Wiese said that under the Perth City Accord there were 224 licensees who were prepared to adopt a voluntary code of conduct to reduce binge drinking with the aim of decreasing the level of crime and violence.

    He said alarming statistics released by the Health Department highlighted a major alcohol problem in some young people with 72 per cent of drinkers in the 18 to 24-year-old age group involved in ‘binge drinking’ at a harmful level at least one day a week.

    “Up to 90 per cent of all late night police calls can be attributed to excessive alcohol consumption with people turning violent, abusive and causing damage,” the Minister said.

    “Northbridge is an excellent location for families and tourists to go out for a meal and this new community-based accord will ensure both this location and the central city region are safe and comfortable environments.”

    Mr Wiese said the new Perth City Accord was the first time this type of program had been attempted in a capital city in Australia.

    He said the accord was based on the success of a similar program operating in the Fremantle city centre which was launched in March this year.

    “The results in Fremantle have been extremely encouraging and local police say under their accord there has been nearly a 15 per cent decrease in the number of assaults and damage occurring in the city area,” Mr Wiese said.

    Under the Perth City Accord, licensees have agreed to:
    -train bar staff in the responsible serving of alcohol – not serving intoxicated people;
    -discourage behaviour that may lead to excessive consumption of alcohol, such as, drinking competitions;
    -demand photographic identification for proof of age;
    -sell reduced alcohol beer cheaper than high strength beer; and –
    -encourage availability of food on premises.

    Mr Wiese said to ensure that the accord was properly monitored and controlled a Best Practices Advisory Committee had been established.

    The committee’s role would be to advise licensees on the standards expected and to provide information on planning issues, police involvement and community expectations.


  4. Mattb says:

    GNC certainly failed to deliver on their promise.


  5. Was this the billboard where that crazy nude Slav was pacing on top of it, packin’ a hand gun? Silly war refugee shut down the Perth CBD for half a day IIRC.

    Nude??! I’ve got a real soft spot for nude crime.


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