Outrage Sunday 125 transmute the energy

A snip at $165: transmute your beach energy on Napoleon Street. bordiesThe energy at the Guildford Hotel has been well and truly transmuted. So much so the signs are falling down. This sign will probably burst into flames this afternoon. fallingdownWhay-hey! Before I turned the corner I could sense the diaphanous energy transmution in the city on Friday. nirabrophoThis innocent bike was washed up at Guildford by the tsunami caused by the Fukushima disaster and I may not be able to moderate tomorrow as I’ll be at a significant Garthering to try and stem the tide of negativity. You may have to do the Meetup beatup to get the full details, but: “It is time to gather Perth’s Rainbow tribe. There is a great tragedy happening on this planet in Japan . Fukushima is leaking radiation into our oceans, it has traveled far. This is killing our sea life and poisoning the land on Japan. I am asking that we gather together as one family and send our loving energy to Japan and the ocean to help transmute the energy that is radiation. I have a wonderful meditation in mind but this is a communal gathering for Fukushima so please if anyone wishes to say a prayer or recite a chant anything at all please do. Bring l your Quartz crystal to magnify the energies and assist in the transmutation process. We will meet at 4:30pm with an aim to begin the group meditation @ 5pm or so.If you feel drawn to bring instruments or singing bowls please do as the water that we will be near will absorb the healing vibrations. We will share food after the ceremony and meditation in a communal picnic style. This event is free of charge all that we ask is that you bring as much love as you can in your heart to send to Japan. Whitfords Beach is off John Wilkie Turn , if you need to contact me my number is 0420657932”. pinkbike

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5 Responses to Outrage Sunday 125 transmute the energy

  1. Shreiking Wombat Ninja says:


    “Nameste, much love to you all!Lets usher in the new world together by creating our community of love and light.Wings is here to support all going threw the ascension process including our mother Gia.”

    How are you consciously involved in your personal ascension?

    “I’m letting my life be the example others may need.Im consciously raising my vibration threw purification of my physical body {food},my mind{meditation&mindfulness}&my emotional and energetic body threw various healing modalities.”



  2. billoslatter says:

    The healing energy is carried via shark’s Kuundalinis.


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