Outrage Sunday 119 the other passage

At home I’m delighted when Krazy Kym invites me to use the other passage. Imagine her delight when she saw this in Guildford. passageLet’s get serious. Mark Pytellek has more passages, or way to the truth, than a Buddhist. If you get your skates on you could make the second day of a no-theory, no-hype self-empowering weekend workshop at the Goodearth Hotel in Perth. It could mean a discount on the $330 cost. The event is “an introduction to on-the-ground practical knowledge to address all issues, under authority of STATUTE so YOU may lead a more peaceful, prosperous, happy & fulfilled life. Know your INHERENT rights, & learn to settle any issue. Protect your property, wealth & ‘person’. Assert your authority & Hold your position in any situation that concerns YOU, your family & your community. Learn WHY you haven’t seen many remedies within the ‘Free-man’ movement, both in & out of Court? Apply simple remedies for any situation! Learn what laws apply & how to settle issues & attain successful outcomes. Protect yourself, your family, your estate & assets & your community.”

Is your answer yes to any of these questions?:

Are you working harder & longer hours each year yet going backwards?

 Frustrated & challenged by today’s poor economic climate?

 Had enough of paying too much TAX & meeting escalating debts?

 Are your assets or/and income/s vulnerable to predators and pirates?

 Would strategies that could multiply your take home pay be useful?

 Ever been involved in litigation & been ‘cleaned up’?

 Would some basic & easily applied WINNING legal procedures be useful?

 Ever wondered what rights you have, IF ANY?

 Is the Common Law the appropriate jurisdiction to attain your remedy?

 Loath being intimidated & ‘PUSHED AROUND’ & want to know how to ‘push back’?

 Are you owed money and want to successfully recover it?

 IF there were genuine solutions that empowered you & enabled YOU to PROSPER INDEPENDANT of the current economic & political environment, wouldn’t you want to get the low down on it?

Sounds good to me. If your “genuine spouse” goes with you that’s only $50 extra, and “(Manual and CD valued at $130 included!)”.

Mr Pytellek’s focus will be on:

Prevention:  Transitioning to the private where you’ve no reporting nor other obligations, Completing tax returns & BAS so liabilities never arise.

Cure: Discharging any liability eg. Tax, Loans, Credit Crads, Fines, Court Orders, Summons, Mortgage, Rates, Utilities, & Bills etc by DIFFERENT PERFORMANCE!  & ‘holding your position’.

Mr Pytellek’s subject matters include:

  • Private vs Public – implications between & mixing jurisdictions
  • Transitioning successfully to the private
  • Asset/Estate Protection, Privacy & ‘Sustenance’ (income) – Protection
  • Equity & Contract Law V Common Law, the Constitution
  • Accepting ANY offer to contract on YOUR terms, by REDRAFTING the offer, & holding the offerer to YOUR terms of the contract!
  • Discharging’ Public Liabilities (Debt), lawfully & under STATUTORY authority given you using the principles of the Law Merchant – with many Example
  • ‘Holding your position’ – stop any attempt to steam roll you
  • Pursue ‘delinquent debtors’ for an award of damages for their breach of contract or ‘aggressive’ parties with the techniques they themselves use
  • How to address (PUSH AROUND’ in the legal sense) any potential aggressor
  • Attaining & Exercising your inherent rights
  • Latest approaches to settling matters INSTANTLY privately & publicly (Court)
  • Processes to stop foreclosure, warrants of possession, & other actions against you
  • Property Protection Plan
  • Stopping & pursuing aggressors & Defaulting Debtors! eg. C.S.G miners, lenders, sheriffs/bailiffs, ATO, lawyers, debt collectors, – focusing on solutions: formal complaints, prosecutions.
  • Pursuing counterclaims, wind up companies, bankrupt default debtors!
  • Courts:  Competently addressing Courts as the creditor (role plays), Strategies to win

It won’t be long before cases like this are things of the past: “The applicant appears to be one of a group of individuals without legal training who continue to espouse theories of constitutional law that have no basis. Courts in this State and throughout Australia, indeed the common law world, have steadfastly so ruled.As a result of his continuing pre-occupation with discredited legal theory the applicant has sworn in his affidavit such nonsense as: 1. I am a Man, a flesh and blood living soul created under God also known as a ‘Human Being’. I am not a corporate entity and I do not consent to my body being transferred to a corporate entity for the purposes of commerce including commercial transactions in any court. 2. My name is Man or Robert Paul as per the ‘Birth Certificate’ extracted from my live birth record on 6 June 1961 annexed to this affidavit and marked RP 01 and of which Birth Certificate signifies the Cestui Que trust created by the State of Queensland without my consent.

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12 Responses to Outrage Sunday 119 the other passage

  1. Snuff says:

    It is not necessary to comment on these assertions. Mere quotation of these paragraphs is sufficient to explain why this action is vexatious and is dismissed.

    p.s. Collonny Building Company


  2. Bento says:

    TWOP hero Duke Buckels re elected! Four more years! Four more years!


  3. Ted, the well read Bear says:

    I know someone who successfully used Mark’s knowledge to discharge a lawyer’s costs of over $10,000. I read the case you present and it’s no wonder the guy was dealt with in that way – he didn’t have the experience and presence of mind to “hold his position”. Lawyers and especially judges are well-versed in tripping up people who attempt that which was attempted in that case, and they will come down on such people even more severely because of the failed attempt.


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