no more sheds with a view here

LIES! That’s what I thought when I read TLA’s post on this awesome first-floor shed in 2007. Embleton, he said, in a vain attempt to airbrush history, when any fule kno it was Hudson Street Bayswater. In August 2011 Teh Flangemaster noted the shed had gone – and now it is my sad duty to report the block has been leveled. My sources say the owner lived there with his parents as a young man and inherited it. Recently old age meant he was being taken advantage of by others. Now a developer/urban planner will whack in 243 units. My source could not say why the shed was attached. It may remain a mystery.IMG_6952

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6 Responses to no more sheds with a view here

  1. skink says:

    for four weeks I won’t be able to open a newspaper, turn on the TV and radio, or click on a news website.
    looks like I picked the wrong month to quit drinking


  2. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    There is not much in Perth that cannot be improved with one of those yellow CAT things. It looks as though it is sitting there quietly at the end of another day thinking, “My work here is done.”

    Time for Dale Allcock or Uncle Len Buckeridge to put up some more boxes.


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