Jesus is a cunt

I wonder if this bloke – on the way to the servo this morning to get his heart-starting choc milk – has read his Hitchens, his Dawkins, or his Tony Grayling? Perhaps not, as a title like God Is Not Great would be too mild for his taste. He could be the commander of the Seventh Avenue Militant Buddhist Brigade. Speaking of Buddhists, why don’t they vacuum in the corners? Because they have no attachments!


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12 Responses to Jesus is a cunt

  1. mancey says:

    Picture is almost a perth version of where’s wally. Took me 5 min and extreme zoom to spot him


  2. stu says:

    am I missing something here? I’m missing something aren’t I?


  3. NF#1 says:

    One in a long line of shite shirts advertising the faggoth English combo Cradle of Filth. See both this shirt and the Blood Duster one some dude got arrested for here several years ago (by an off-duty policeman on a Midland-bound train, as I recall) here.


  4. sturap says:

    ohhhh! there it is :)


  5. WA_side says:

    a lifetime draws on
    worship is contemplated;
    deathly white spindles


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