Cocos rot

One can only hope this is the start of some kind of Dutch Cocos disease, or in this case Coogee Cocos Cancer. By Pete F. Must have been a wild scene, the day these Cocos went down. What the hell has been going on?

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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40 Responses to Cocos rot

  1. Shreiking Wombat says:



  2. Cocos ,a fitting tribute, but it has fallen to me to speak up , as most of you lack the confidences. After five years from the start of this blog on 27/9/07 a certain amount of review, reflection and quiet contemplation of our achievements and successes is called for. Congratulations are in order.
    Firstly and foremost LA bestrides the metropolis like a Colossus. Only a giant , an Hercules, with his forbearance,tolerance and mediation skills could keep this blog going. He is the person with his finger in the dykes. A visionary , a prophet ,an intellectual , able to see farther further from his unlikely Embletonian observatory , his vision so concentrated on the far distance across the dark landscape he quite frequently falls over.
    Therapists should take notes from LA, its not just about the id, the ego and the super ego. Its what we might call in previous religious times the soul, that space of personal possibilities. Yes LA is the bloke with control over his miasma. He quite frequently has a look at it and doesn’t get quasi queasy.
    He is also a person always willing to ask the question Why ? How did Lannie’s hair get that way, the inside story of Troy’s chairs.,what bespoke undies maker made Ginas’ how did Crapender reach out for the bag of wonga ?The secrets , the dirty secrets. Only to be revealed at quiz night.
    In support of LA are the lesser luminaries : your engine room boys , your Shazzas, your RubyRubies ,your Rollys , your Skinks,your Snuffs, your Bentos,your Vegans, your Orbeas, your NF1ers, uour ManHattan Bartenders,your Russell Woolf’s Lovechild, youse etcers , the list goes on and on and on and many thanks for your tireless efforts.
    Looking forward to the future , futurers , vibrancy doesn’t fall off the back of a truck., it has to be nurtured. ,especially by coloured lights , as She-Ra knows.
    Some of you may have shares in the West Australian. To all of those I say Sell ! Sell ! Sell!
    Finally thanks to the backdrop of Perth, the gift that keeps giving.


  3. vegan says:


    no doubt karl will be arguing for police powers to preemptively kill possible murderers; or blow up vehicles at risk of crashing…


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