Peppermint Adams

JJ writes: I was minding my own business down in Peppermint Grove yesterday afternoon, when suddenly I found myself awash with eerie sensations. My Worst sense was tingling! Sure enough, someone had seen fit to copy and print out on sticker paper this self-serving bit of optimistic fluff for rich people. Note the invitation to heedlessly take the plunge, cunningly situated at the pedestrian crossing. We all have it in us but sometimes it’s nice to see it strewn about the pavement for a change.

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31 Responses to Peppermint Adams

  1. vegan says:

    rich people on feet?


  2. Rich people have vast potential and can do extraordinary things if they possess the confidence or take the risks…


  3. PeteF says:

    Phillip Adams? in PG? splutter cough etc.


  4. janezee says:

    I cannot abide Phillip Adams. self indulgent windbag. He is the winton of public intellectuals.


    • He is, nicely said. Hear hear.


    • rottobloggo says:

      Didn’t he save the Australian fillum industry or something?


      • Hovean says:

        A former advertising man, he now services Rupert Murdoch and the ABC.


        • If we cast our minds far enough back in time, I’m sure we’ll find he originally saved the Australian film industry before it really even was an industry, being more of a sort of casual nexus of independently-minded individuals – foremost, of course, himself, having been something of a mentor to Barry (McKenzie, if one may be so bold) – through which a burgeoning Australian artistic consciousness was able to find expression in the new medium as it finally filtered its way down to the masses; and at about the same moment as it started to become, for the first time, truly Australian.


          • orbea says:



          • billoslatter says:

            The status of Aussie intellectuals is safe while Phil is around. I’ll arm wrestle the lot of you for the title of Phil’s replacement.


            • billoslatter says:

              With the sad departure of my old sparring partner ,the most rigorous mind at RN,,Alan Saunders or Salad Orders as I referred to him , who hit the canvas a bit early, there’s an opportunity for you Aussie intellectuals ,(I’m looking here at RWL) once the funeral meats have been eaten.


    • Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

      Adams is not an intellectual -he was in advertising, one step removed from the Sham-Wow guy. His radio program now helps lower the mogadon bill for Australia’s nursing homes and takes calls from people whose prostates have woken them up in the night.


  5. Bento says:

    Did we end up finding a right-wing Philip Adams? Is that why the search continues in Peppy Grove?


  6. PeteF says:

    As a casual RN listener I sometimes find myself listening to Mr Adams & while much of his output makes me thing ‘the commies are coming’ some of it is interesting & educational. A bit like TWOP…

    The other thing you get on RN is repeats of some sigma driver interviewing another at a writers festival or something. David someone?


  7. Anonymous says:

    Can’t be bothered!


  8. Unknown says:

    Why would someone write a blog about the worst of perth? How does that honestly help our perth culture, if you want improvements are you supposed to work on it improving Perth. Otherwise, perhaps move interstate or overseas to escape what you describe to be so awful. Clearly, you don’t enjoy living here…….


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