Outrage Sunday 42 Rotto

Back from eight blissful nights on the beautiful island. Of course the looser vituperative in me couldn’t help but note some areas of concern.

These quokka items in the souvenir section are very popular…

Some say there are too many signs on Rotto. It is a sign of something.

The good news is you can live in Rotto: I came home to a Stockland flyer. You can buy the Rotto for $328,414 in Wungong Reach, Hilbert, or for $324,414 in Settlers Hills Townside, Baldivis. I may buy both. I would go from my Mon-Fri Rotto home to my Rotto weekender. They exude the essence of the beautiful island and have, as you would expect, fish in the lounge. Both have wirs, a pty, and a ubo.

Happy holidays!

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34 Responses to Outrage Sunday 42 Rotto

  1. Update your blog. You’re fired. Ed.


  2. Snuff says:

    The terrorists have won when you can’t smoke your food on the idylic bus.


  3. I like the way that the garage is the featurepiece of The Rotto. But it doesn’t take up enough room.


  4. The Legend 101 says:

    Thats accualy a pretty nice house to be honest, i like it.


  5. pete says:

    The Rotto – follow up to The Rising Dampner.

    I preferred the extra bedroom in The Collapso but my wife talked me into The White Anty


  6. Bartender's Skills with a Manhatten says:

    1/3rd of a million dollars in Perth gets you a garage with an attached house?

    Your real estate market IS good.


  7. rottobloggo says:

    A nice worker from Aussie Living Homes called me just now, saying I downloaded something from their website in February.
    I was baffled until I recalled this post.
    Tragically she had not read OS42 and just asked me 15 questions about my income, employment, and if I was a renter.
    I tried to get a conversation going about the Stargate but was unsuccessful.


  8. juantrak says:

    I can see the Aussie Living Homes mob are specialising in appealing to a certain demographic – the family of Bazza and Shazza who are currently renting in Thornlie and who desire to go seriously upmarket.
    Complementary new home designs will be forthcoming shortly from ALH.
    They’ll be the Brekky, the Prezzy, the Barbie, the Dunny, and the Wozza.
    The Brekky will feature a huge breakfast area – the Prezzy will have numerous unique features that make it resemble a Christmas tree – the Barbie will feature an emphasis on the outdoor dining area – the Dunny will feature a toilet for every room – and the Wozza will be the highest level of the design range, as in “Top of the Wozza!!” The Wozza will come totally complete, including bean bags for furniture.


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