Outrage Sunday 37 to market

A commercial designer associate ranted about Morley’s Coventry Square markets: “heinous” was one of the adjectives. I was sceptical, as the pre-opening buzz was intense. Krazy Kym and I checked them out, and we are pleased to report they are a triumph.

The artists’ impressions were very promising, and the CSM website had all the facts: “Coventry Square Markets are one of Australia’s premier markets. Situated adjacent to Centro Galleria in Morley, the markets will be a veritable mix of restaurants, cafes and specialty shops. It will be a focal point for both local and overseas tourists, a meeting place for families, friends and a cultural experience for all.”

The media know a good story when they see it, and in 2010 confident predictions were being made CSM would generate “more vibrancy”. And it was thus: this report in the paper of record quoted the developer, a successful businessman, saying the project would “actually dwarf” something in Melbourne.

The art engages the eye before you’re inside.

These superb friezes are a feature throughout the markets.

The Friendly Industrial Arching Shed-ist Connecting Outside style is like a European cathedral.

Lots of stuff to buy, including boozies.

And dolphins.

And exotic fruit. Everyone involved is to be commended and our commercial designer associate needs to have a good hard look at herself.

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58 Responses to Outrage Sunday 37 to market

  1. vegan says:

    thanks defrock, i have been meaning to head down for some pics since i drove past a while back and was completely blown away with the utter hideousity of the exterior.

    a truly awesome worst.


  2. Rolly says:

    How on earth do you manage to suck a pencil with your tongue so firmly embedded in your cheek?


  3. Rolly says:

    Shedism – with embellishments – seems to be “High End” architectural fashion this Season.


  4. Russell Woolfe's Lovechild says:

    Those friezes remind me of Pompeii.

    Unfortunately, thanks to Wait Awhile’s lack of geothermal vibrancy, we can only dream.


  5. The Legend 101 says:

    Coverntry is dumb its too overpriced!


  6. golden1 says:

    Is that Paris Hilton in the first pic?


  7. Dylan H. says:

    Covering a building with scrap metal motifs does not make it appealing to either look at or venture into. Especially when it’s 37° and you’re in Morley.


  8. shazza says:

    What the hell? Why all the fake Chesterfields?


  9. Snuff says:

    Dolphins. Boozies. Dolphin boozies !


  10. Fool, everyone know’s its ‘Pommagranets’


  11. JaneZ says:

    The artists appear to have significantly underestimated the girth of the actual patrons.


  12. pete says:

    Are those rugs on the floor for sale?


  13. Martyn says:

    I used to work there, when it was still Coventrys.

    Nice to see virtually nothing has changed.


  14. andrew says:

    u are all retards you build something better than coventry markets then if you think youre all that in the mean time suck on a carrot!


  15. andrew says:

    do any chicks go their looking to give head ?


    • Valerie Woodruffe Mullaloo dog beach says:

      No Andrew Coventry markets suck

      Suggest you cum to Mullaloo dog beach, if you see me and my rottweiler say G’Day Valerie are you and your dog “looking to give head”


  16. Cat says:

    I actually like the outside. The inside on the other hand … those plaster moulding jobs make me want to barf.


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  20. WhoApprovedThis says:

    It really is the worst designed interior and exterior of any large scale building project in Perth. The shell of the building is fairly modern – enough to withstand the test of time for a couple of decades. It’s all the hideous embellishments on the inside and outside that has ruined it. Keep it SIMPLE! An absolute waste of an opportunity.


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  22. Darryl Gilbert says:

    Today Sunday 27th July decided to give the Coventry Market a try for lunch.

    What a disgrace. Couldn’t get in or out because of traffic jams both ways and wasted one hour. How frustrating.

    We found a parking eventually and went to the galleria. Why would we come back back to Coventry? There is nothing special there anyway, it’s a barn with small under stocked shops with nothing that the Galleria hasn’t got.
    Won’t see me there again – I would predict its entire closure by December 2013.


  23. Wrecking_Ball says:

    Definitely a missed opportunity – Strzelecki Holdings Pty Ltd & City of Bayswater you have a lot to answer for! The only saving grace is that the structure can be easily demolished. Only so many $2 shops & traffic snarls I can take! Go residential or mixed residential\retail surrounding a large square suited to weekend fruit & veg market stalls. Pay homage to all the local immigrants & call it “Little Italy” while ya at it!


  24. rottobloggo says:
  25. juantrak says:

    Spudshed and Coventry Markets deserve each other. Went to Spudshed Innaloo last year and was absolutely appalled at the utter crap they sell.
    If it’s cheap-arse you want, with little regard to quality. Spudshed is for you.
    Every product in the Shed is imported highly-processed garbage food from 3rd world countries, laced with enough preservatives and food additives to keep you higher than a kite for a week.
    Vegies that would be binned in any other shop are merely “ON SPECIAL” in Spudshed.
    Tony has one simple aim in mind with Spudshed – buy the cheapest crap you can find, from anywhere in the world, and sell it at just below Coles and Woolies prices.
    I’ll hazard a guess the bottom feeders who frequent CSM won’t know any different, and Tony will continue to rake it in.


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