we interrupt our regular programming

Shadow health minister Andrew McDonald accused the government of not introducing the leading run-scorer in the tournament. During 12 years in business on William Street in Paddington, Andrew McDonald has watched the retail tides ebb and flow. Union president Sgt. Andrew Matthews and Andrew McDonald, general counsel for Gov. Malloy, announced the decision outside the courthouse on Wednesday.

Tragically, these random pastings from teh newz make as much sense as what is in The Sunday Crimes. Why are they hiding his genitals? He will become his own post when that has a cock daubed on it. At least he didn’t use the v-word. Why wasn’t he the Perthonality and the marketing guru as well? Answers on a Tim Winton Birkenstock to the usual address.

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25 Responses to we interrupt our regular programming

  1. The Legend 101 says:

    A remember one day they inerrupted regular programming on ABC Kids for the remorial service of Steve Irwin, No one cares for him and then the little kids have nothing good to watch!.


  2. Bento says:

    What’s this all about? I’m not prepared to look at the Slimes, because, well, you know. I assume they asked for our fearless leader’s opinion on something?


  3. skink says:

    does anybody read the Sunday Times beyond people looking to buy a second-hand caravan?

    you’ll have to explain what on earth’s going on. Judge of what? A Bertie Wooster lookalike contest? It just needs a monocle.


  4. Way to clutch the fucking ulna TLA


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