pew it stinks

The PM was here: Fremantlebiz saw a huge wave of protesting anglers on his south-of-the-river patch, and they reckoned something smelt a bit churchy.

F’biz also liked the exposure invite next to the Neighbourhood Watch sign.

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20 Responses to pew it stinks

  1. pete says:

    Nah, no points, F’biz unless you drop your strides for the photo.


  2. Davo C Onan says:

    Pew Environment Group are part funding the marine sanctuary program being lobbied for by World Wildlife Fund and Conservation Council of WA.

    Nothing stinks more than an outraged fisherman – permanently five minutes away from a myocardial infarction in pent up outrage – wheres the fucken fish, wheres me fucken beer, how fucken much for two stroke, fucken GPS is fucked, fish finder is fucken broken, fucken ramp fees are sending me fucken broke, guvmint should subsidise my fucken fish bait, fucken rego on the boat, the trailer, the licnse, the car, early starts, the fucken traffic —gah

    small penis fisherpeople protesting – marinotards


  3. Snuff says:

    Good outraged arm folding, but doesn’t everyone vote ?

    And if it’s good enough for the Boy Wonder. No, wait.


  4. don smith says:

    For years I’ve been waiting for a sign that says something along the lines of “I bash the missus and I vote”, or “I’m a cerb crawler and I vote”, but sadly…


  5. The Legend 101 says:

    Is A Protest agaisnt Fremantle?


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