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Rodney, who used to manage The Red Castle, when it was the place to be, kindly sent me the drinks menu from 1973 after I saw his comment on The Claude Mono blog. Some highlights are Swan lager, glass, cans, large bottles. Click for larger. And I’m intrigued by the New Zealand Leopard Beer. Couldn’t have been worse than that slops that is Speights, although it is dissed here. And the German Hackabrau sounds tempting too. Ahh, and Lindeman’s Ben Ean. A name that graced my parents’ liquor cupboard, along with Cold Duck which I don’t see. King Arthur’s house blend claret sounds tasty too. Thanks very much Rodney. I’m about ready for a steel tin of Swan.

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65 Responses to Wine list Red Castle

  1. Skando Dan says:

    [ Morning. Rodney sits on a red checkered cloth table, writing]
    Rodney: [Shouts to kitchen]: “Hey love, which country does that Carlsberg beer that the fancy types like come from?”
    Wife: “OH jesus Rod I Dunno! Germany?!”


  2. Pete says:

    mmm, steel cans. Steel 750ml cans anyone? Seppelts Spritzig Rose – if you mixed it with Cold Duck would the resulting cocktail be a <a href= Spruuting Duck?


  3. Bento says:

    So many moselles! Man, they knew how to party back then.


  4. David Cohen says:

    Porphyry Pearl! Mateus Rose! Asti Spumante Cora!

    I’m feeling a bit tipsy just reading it.


    • WAtching says:

      No ‘Summer Wine?’

      The place to go?



      • Maybe Summer wine was a later product. Rodney can’t find the food menu, but my guess would be Beef Wellington in pole position.


        • WAtching says:

          Surely Prawn Cocktail and Fondue.

          Hang on- Prawn Cocktail might be a little later too… right.


        • Snuff says:

          Magnificent, although how many King Arthurs were there ? It seems Summer Wine was more ’84.


        • Message from Rodney,
          No Beef Wellington, but did Steak Dianne at the table, Chateaubriand, whole smoked salmon carved at the table, flambéing crepes suzette, flaming coffees and liqueurs were all the go… especially Irish coffee ..

          All the waiting staff were in dinner suits and white aprons .. very European and even more so after I employed several New Australians. The restaurant was full every day and night for years… also the Bistro which was the original steak house associated with the original Motel… had great character with wood. With the new accommodation block came the new restaurant. I held court in the cocktail bar most nights…that I can remember, for I was a whirlwind…. albeit successful.




  5. And I think it must be Hackerbrau.
    Hackerbräu-Munich Beer (c.1920)


  6. David Cohen says:

    And no Skip And Go Naked…


  7. David Cohen says:

    Even Waldeck had a wine.

    I bet it was a bit peaty.


  8. vegan says:

    i’m quite taken with the ‘various’ categorisation.


  9. CB One says:

    Looking at that list it seems to me that even in 1973 Perth booze was way over-priced.


  10. orbea says:

    the wine tastes of Perth were a bit … on the sultana white end of the spectrum


  11. sturap says:

    not a Blue Nun to be seen :(


  12. Jaidyn-Jaxxon says:

    Cover art’s awesome, ripped I believe from Fighting Fantasy #78, ‘Liege-lord of Burma’.
    You have encountered Hackabrau.


  13. skink says:

    ah, the old days…

    when Seppelt’s was considered to be Champagne
    when Houghton’s was considered to be White Burgundy
    and when Swan Lager was considered to be drinkable


  14. Mez says:

    they’ve got Moselle and it’s Sparkling!
    Nice place for the wedding reception love


  15. Natalia Fan #1 says:

    OT, but am enjoying some of the bizarre, misplaced comments on this story.


      • Natalia Fan #1 says:

        Ala this JJ?
        BANSHEE of Perth Posted at 8:22 AM August 11, 2010
        I say everyone should mind their own business and before giving relationship advice, whataloadof# of WA, cck of perth, Dr. Phil of Perth and frog fingers of perth should look at their own relationships before sticking their big beaks in others, especially when you dont even know the people your commenting on. loosers……


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  17. Bento says:

    TLA – what happened to your Red Castle project? Died in the paper?


  18. Tdog says:

    King Arthurs—-

    Anyone Notice the Lack of an Apostrophe?

    Supposed to be King Arthur’s—–


  19. Definitely meuniere was on the menu. I used to have a regular Friday am breakfast radio ring in ad, based on the “revolting restaurant”. It was the table cooking that made the place … with a flick of the wrist, may I say.
    Rock bands used to stay there … it was not until years later that I ran into a few of them again and was informed of all the pot smoking, huddled under blankets in the suite.


    • Grant Carlson says:

      Hi Rod!

      We use to play a lot of poker too after the work was done.

      I hope all that money I lost to you has come in handy during your retirement!

      Do you keep in touch with anyone from those times?

      All the very best,



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  21. The Legend 101 says:

    OMG its Wine What the hell!


  22. Orbea says:

    This menu and other TWOP posts reveal how much The Red Castle would have dominated the burgeoning small bar sceme


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