Airport 77

Is it a weathervane? Is it a folly? Is it an attack drone? Shazza found this rooftop accoutrement in Spearwood. It turns in the wind apparently.

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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27 Responses to Airport 77

  1. Dave says:


    Just wow.


  2. Word Slad says:

    If you squint a bit you could almost believe you were in Redcliffe.


  3. shazza says:

    You’ll note the owner in the front yard. This prevented me taking the shots from another angle thereby including the windmill.


  4. skink says:

    is it a sort of scarecrow effect? maybe they hope it will stop them changing the flightpath into the airport

    maybe is there a history of Qantas pilots dumping the toilets over Spearwood. If I were a pilot, that’s where I would do it

    not worst


  5. munkipants says:

    nice job shazza. now we’re talking. none of that rooster weather vane crappola. definitely not worst.


  6. David Cohen says:

    Haiku 6163:

    Flying kangaroo
    Even a jumbo can stall
    In the summer heat.


  7. vegan says:

    very nice indeed shazz.


  8. Snuff says:

    Marvellous, and not remotely worst. We need that windmill sometime too, shaz. Be fearless !


  9. shazza says:

    You can see the windmill in the last shot. I could have taken a better shot at another angle. But, yes, was fearful of being spotted.


  10. Richarbl says:

    If viewed in isolation the jet is definitely not worst.

    The rest of image, however, defines worst by being a depressing pastiche of everything that is bad about suburbia.

    Nice work shazza.


  11. skink says:

    I want one

    almost as much as I want one of these:


    • Onanist says:

      Fucking hell that takes me back!

      I lived in Wood Farm (1993 – 1996) just next to Headington and worked in an office on the London Road just around the corner from this house.

      The first floor looked uninhabitable as even from the street you could see the results of the damp and mould.


  12. Caribou Bob says:

    What’s with the aero-murkin dangling from the front landing gear?


  13. Tony T says:

    Pity it’s not a Stuka.


  14. scaffivich says:

    I drive/ride past this house fairly regularly these days on my way to teh bad lands of suckess. There is a castle theme going on here, note the grandiose gates at the entrance.


  15. Mez says:

    I love this house. I love Spearwood. I love the man. I love the weeds. I love the turtledove. I hate Qantas


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