Wayning Interest

I seem to have missed some of the context of this somewhere, but loopy commenter Wayne, who may even work at The Fremantle Arts Centre has made up an unfunny sign in response to this funny sign? Or have I got it wrong? Can someone tell me the whole story. Shazza got the pic anyway. I also notice (I assume in response to this blog) that the  Northbridge TAB has gotten rid of the goonbag crate and ciggies. The ciggie stains are still there though.

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37 Responses to Wayning Interest

  1. Bento says:

    Why “garden”. Is it not a garden?

    I am, however, loving the welcome return to these pages of corflute.


  2. Onanist says:

    Mr D Cohen, I am sad to say that world peace may be here quicker than an end to apostrophe atrocities.


  3. Richarbl says:

    There’s some real talent down at the F.A.C
    There’s no way I could create a sign like that, hats off wayne, bravo


  4. I missed the bit where this sign was discussed. What’s the deal. Does Wayne work FAC?


  5. skink says:

    did you have to mention Chong’s bush so soon after lunch?


  6. flynn says:

    The shape of the sign has a specific relevance – an alien secret symbol to notify others that one of their kind is nearby. And if you take an alignment all such shaped signs in Perth, allowing for the wind and an errant dog which may have moved one or two, they all focus on LA’s house.


  7. Cimbali says:

    I’m confused.
    I didn’t manage to decode any of Waynes comments so couldn’t work out what he was on about.
    If he works at FAC can’t he just tell them to get a proper and hopefully tasteful sign printed or better still avoid being rude to the people you are trying to lure into your art centre and put a sculpture there to prevent accidental wanderings into the garden.


  8. Richarbl says:

    So wayne
    It would appear that your fifteen minutes is almost up.

    The only thing left is to call us “a complete pack of worthless cunts who need to go and get a life instead of spending all day taking the piss out of hard working decent Australians who just want mindless people to stay off their fucking gardens.”

    If this is you, press 1 or please wait for an operator.


  9. Bill O'Slatter says:

    Is Wayne in the loop or out of it , and is he Soularion ?


  10. WAtching says:

    I suppose i ought to respond to wayne.
    Dear wayne,
    Can i begin by saying that i love the sign. It is a touching gesture. Am i right in guessing that you created it in honour of TWOP? If so, you’re such a cool guy!

    Can i say, some of your comments in the last couple of days have been absolute crackers, and you are clearly putting more seasoned campaigners to shame. But there is just one problem. You see…

    There was this guy in primary school no-one liked. He had so few redeeming features it was amazing. His name was wayne.

    There was this guy who worked for me a few years ago, who was an absolute pain in the ass, and who actually bad mouthed me to some clients. His name was wayne.

    Now wayne. I can honestly say that you have bucked the trend. Good on you. You’re doing your bit for waynes worldwide.
    Thank You


    • wayne says:

      hey there square bags,i have some signs from the fac,would u like too sell them on your babblying blog,has they created so much interest too u nob heads,they will be clued too a place off your interest soon so take pleasure off taking them,hopefully u can make some coin too pay for some upgraded medication u bone heads need.


  11. wayne says:

    thats for u nutcases,im with u guys a sculpture sign would be great,but with a shit budget thats all i could string together,dont worry ive ment alot off fuck heads called wayne aswell,them ones were made on mondays,as the fridge shelf was empty,my dad told me i was made after a dozen king browns,u should seek some form off theropy for your hate for waynes,if u dudes have a spare car door drop it down the fac,that would make a great sign too let people in,so ho ho hope u get into shazza pants before the others grass cut ya.


  12. rolly says:

    Has nobody noticed the significance of the ‘corflute’?


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