Mr Fist

When I first started The Worst of Perth, I ran down to Murray Street to find the famous Mr Fist sign, but unfortunately it had gone. It was somewhere near the Bra Bar in Murray Street. The original was rendered in terrible stick on letters you might buy from Bunnings. I was delighted that Tim found thet Teh Fist was still punching em out down some alley, but disappointed that he’s slightly upgraded his graphic design. There should be a Miss Fist for the ladies too. The Mr Fist sign should be heritage protected.


About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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45 Responses to Mr Fist

  1. gobeirne says:

    Although I didn’t capture the awesome stick-on lettering, you can see the painted Mr Fist sign, along with its worst-worthy neighbour, the “Prosperous Raw Fish” sign at the Happy Buddha, in this clip from 1995. Pity there was no Google Street View back then!


  2. Pierre says:

    I would have that thought “teh” would be getting stale by now. Your refreshing overuse of an unfunny premise sure showed me.


  3. flynn says:

    can some-one tell me why the Associated Opticians are ‘Coy’? Do they not like being seen?


    • ATA says:

      Associated Opticians Coy goes back to the early 1900’s from memory, must have been the accepted abbreviation back then . Mr Fist is a very competent and experienced optician.


  4. Leo says:

    Does ‘teh’ mean ‘the’ and isn’t it just the same number of letters, anyway?

    Also, do I pronounce it “tay” or just read it out like I’m some sort of fucking retard? Thanks.


  5. Anonymous Perthon says:

    Its a joke Kotter


  6. Big Ramifications says:

    “Still punching ’em out.” Top work 10/10.

    I suddenly got the joke about 2 days late. I was imagining him punching out the lenses from his lens mold machine making. Thingy.

    Mr Fist’s sign is seminal. I’m also kicking myself for never taking a happy snap.

    I kinda wished he was a proctologist, but.


    • objet says:

      I kinda wished he was a proctologist, but.


      I too remember the good old days of Mr Fist, optometrist. Sort of rolls off the tongue.


  7. Suzie's Sister says:

    You should go inside – it’s like going back to the 1960’s. Even in the “new premises” (in the foyer of the Mantra on Murray hotel) – o’course still next to the Bra Bar – well behind anyway – it’s like going into a time warp. Have a chat to Sue and Mr & Mrs Fist while you are there!


  8. The Legend 101 says:

    This is unfunny and stupid.


  9. skink says:

    is Rockingham nice? I’ve never been to the seafront

    I manned a polling booth there in Federal election ’07, and a pale skinny bloke with Himmler glasses came up and shook my hand and acted like I was supposed to know who he was. Put me off the place.

    it was a whole year later before I found out the man’s name.

    Incidentally, I read a detective story called ‘Prime Cut’ last week by a local author, set in Hopetoun. He called one of his detectives Mark McGowan. Sent a shiver up my spine every time I read it.


  10. David Cohen says:

    I was at an…event last night where someone claimed a Google AU search of worst had this site as the second result.

    It is more or less true…but Rebecca Black is catching up…


  11. Mary Christian-Bailey says:

    I wonder if you know that the original Mr Fist who set up the business in the 1800’s was the son of a convict John Fist from Canterbury England. He was eventually freed and had two sons, one of whom was very respectable and religious, while the other was a snake oil merchant. It was the latter who found his way to W.A. and set up shop selling lenses and reading irises (today’s iridiology)- from that grew the optometrist’s business. I can tell you a lot more about him – I am descended from his father, the convict’s sister.


  12. It’s a cute sign! Graham Fist’s the best optician I’ve ever known, and a formidable man, too. I don’t know if he still flies his plane across the outback to operate in remote communities, as he’s not so young any more – but it’s going to be a huge loss when after around 120 years his family practice eventually shuts for good. Definitely deserves heritage protection, if only we cared, really, for heritage.

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