No Computer No Cry

If you’re reading this, it means my computer has not been returned to me by the weekend, so no posts.

maybe you should check out the marvellous Perth 6000 if you haven’t seen it.

Next post mid morning Monday.

BTW it looks like September 3rd will be the Live the Worst of Perth Show.

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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42 Responses to No Computer No Cry

  1. David Cohen says:

    What an outrage. We don’t pay you to sit around waiting for your computer to be fixed.

    You need to take a good look at yourself.


  2. Skink says:

    Lamentably, Mrs Bento and I will be unable to attend any soiree convened on 3 September 2009, as we fly out of Perth that very morning.

    Perhaps some sort of live satellite video link could be arranged?


  3. skink says:

    are you going to take my face off any time soon, Bento?


  4. NVLII says:

    I am honored. Thank you from the bottom of my cold heart.

    See you at the Maddington swingers club.



  5. curious says:

    i thought for a moment you had a touch of the pauline hanson’s going on there.


  6. Bill O'Slatter says:

    Is this the state of play in the Curtin I.T world.
    Lecturer : Where’s your assignment ?
    Curtin kiddie : It’s on my computer.
    Lecturer : Which is where ?
    Curtin kiddie: gettin fixed.
    Lecturer: Whaaaaa !
    Curtin kiddie: Boohooo !
    Lecturer: Whaaaaa !
    Curtin kiddie: Boohooo !
    Ad nauseo till they forget.
    Lecturer: Wait !
    Curtin kiddie: no Curtin!


    • Frank Calabrese says:

      Perhaps you could invest in a laptop as a back up when your main PC is down – maybe you could claim it as a Work related expense :-)

      Oh and I hope the Techies haven’t contacted the Computer Crime Squad in relation to those Alsation pics ? :-)


  7. Richarbl says:

    Honestly that TLA is such a knob, if he had an Apple comutor this would ne^&( Hav Happen_#……


  8. a fine time to invest in a mac.


  9. Cookster says:

    Who are you going to get to play our parts?


  10. skink says:

    this is starting to sound like a rather low-rent version of ‘Ocean’s Thirteen’


  11. Bento says:

    In an endeavour to join in the casting game, I went looking for a suitable person to play the part of Australia’s Leading Patti Chong Impersonator.

    Imagine my surprise when I found this:


    • skink says:

      long ago I suggested that La Chong was in fact being portrayed by an unemployed male circus acrobat, and one of the cast of Ocean’s Thirteen is a diminuitive Chinese circus acrobat.

      coincidence? I think not.


  12. Snuff says:

    No doubt Frank has dibs on his namesake, but I’ll settle for Dino.


  13. skink says:

    does that make Bento Jerry Lewis?


  14. Snuff says:

    No prizes for guessing who gets to play Jesper.


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