Vehiculus Interruptus

Too soon for more cars? No way. Could never be too soon. 2barRiff saw this. Interesting since NKOTB just cancelled their reunion OZ tour. This car owner may be the only one disappointed. 2BarRiff says…

Here’s another one, found at Australia’s cheapest chemist opposite Carousel. I once had to stop making out with a girl because she insisted on putting a New Kids on the Block cassette in the car’s tape deck. Talk about a mood wrecker.I wonder is there are any D3F L3PRD or SAX0N plates out there?

2Bar, you really jumped off because of that? That might be a worst in itself. UK Guardian’s Charlie Brooker discusses this topic.


Leroy found another great one. leroy says…

I don’t know what’s worst about this one:
1) The fact it’s parked across two bays;
2) The fact someone deliberately defaced their car with this shonky spray-can effort, and proudly drives it around, albeit at night;
3) The fact I know the designs are Orkish from the Warhammer 40K game…
I’m going with option 3…

Well at least you didn’t interrupt intercourse for it Leroy. i’m going to have to give you points for that.

carnightAnd Cookster or Cockster (who ARE YOU these days man?) sends this vehicle. Cookster says…

I’ve got a car for you… oh boy, have I got a car…taken in the
parking area behind McDonald’s Jolimont. I think the figure surfing
could possibly be Maisie Mouse with a melted head.

queenqueen2Thanks vehicle-ers.

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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39 Responses to Vehiculus Interruptus

  1. Rolly says:

    Sorry, TLA and others, you’ll just have to get used to the fact that much of what passes for human behaviour is, quite frankly, weird.

    Science, logic and reasoned discourse have never, not ever, found a sound foundation for the analysis of popular perversity.


  2. Leroy says:

    Leroy spots ork-shaman car mojo.

    Leroy gets intercourse later that night.

    Coincidence? I think not. That car brings the sexy…


  3. Hughie says:

    Ha! I can identify the owner (and former owner) of the NKOTB car! One of them is horrified at this post…


  4. Adam Wright says:

    Yup, I can confirm that this smile has been turned into a frown.


  5. Luke says:

    Oh man. I work with the former owner of this car as well.
    The former owner of this car gave it to her sister who then defiled it with NKOTB number plates.
    The former owner is absolutely mortified that people will think it is her car still.
    The former owner has been informing us that her sister is a die hard fan and was absolutely gutted that the tour was canceled as she had purchased backstage passes to the concert to meet the band.


  6. Maestro says:

    This NKOTB car owner has the courage of her convictions 2BarRiff ! That girl in the car with you, had far better taste in music than in men … obviously! Hey man, take some lessons in grammar, ready for the next time that you sneak around taking snaps, retreating, & making cheap wisecracks!!


  7. Geez Louise says:

    NKOTB car: For the male ‘name droppers’ enjoying reflected glory by knowing ‘former owner’ & present owner — they say women gossip! You blokes take the cake!!


    • Hughie says:

      We deal in cold, hard facts, ma’am. And dobbing in work colleagues for Worsts. Where does gossip enter it?


    • Luke says:

      Hey Geez Louise
      FYI I actually asked the former owner’s permission to post what I wrote. No gossip was involved as it was first hand info.
      The former owner was fully aware of what the post contained before i submitted it.
      So step off your soap box, sit back and chill out… to your favorite NKOTB track.


  8. He’s a Luge operator…
    He’s a Luuuuuuuuuge operator…

    No wait, that was Sade.


  9. Geez Louise says:

    Hey ‘Snuff’! “Grammar” — hint: not your Grammpa’s wife. Were you away from school on the day it was taught?

    ‘Luke’ was absent for spelling lessons. Ha, ha, ha!


    • Snuff says:

      Thanks for taking the bait, Geez Louise. As it happens, I teach grammar in four schools five days a week.

      Until you can explain the comma between “you, and had”, you’re still going to be looking like this guy.


    • Luke says:

      To Geez Louise
      Fair call on the spelling mistake, I got caught out by my browser’s American spell check. “Gold star to you” for pointing that one out.
      Seriously though, your comments are boring me, as they seem to consist of nothing more than simple, blunt, immature insults.
      Why don’t you try posting something interesting, witty or intelligent for a change, and have a sense of humour mate…
      geeeeeez louise ;)


      • Snuff says:

        That’s rather generous of you, Luke. As we’ve now seen, whenever you see someone using incorrect grammar to irrelevantly complain about someone else’s grammar, try to sucker punch them into another few comments. With any luck, as in this case, they’ll soon have demonstrated to everyone that their grammar is actually far worse than that of the person they’ve attempted to criticise, and everyone can have an ironic laugh.


      • Snuff says:

        See what I mean, Luke ? At 11 last night you’re being told to take grammar lessons, and at 1:07 today I’m being asked if I was away from school on the day it was taught, and by just 4:23 we’re being told it’s just grammar. Pwned, and in record time !


  10. Geez Louise says:

    Snuff — you must know SOMETHING that I don’t?! Had & I agree there ain’t no comma between us!
    Thanks for ‘this guy’ clip. Haven’t laughed this much in eons!

    PS. Your grammar teacher & mine, would have to agree to disagree. Bring back the comma, sez I.


  11. Geez Louise says:

    g’day Luke…. those damn ‘Septic Tanks’.
    Have been cackling for days… sense of humour alive & well.
    Now, Luke … relax, breathe in, breathe out …


  12. Geez Louise says:

    Methinks ‘Snuff’ has an alter ego … or ‘knows someone’.
    His comments pop up all over the place.

    Hey boys. Lighten up will ya. Grammar’s just grammar, after all. No coconuts or cigars for prizes here.

    To quote ‘Luke’ ……. Geeeeeeeeez Louise!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8oP


  13. Geez Louise says:

    Ah ha!! Grammar is irrelevant ….. which makes grammar teachers ……………..??


  14. Geez Louise says:

    “earth to ‘Snuff’ …. repeat …. lighten up!”

    Thanks Bento! Justtttttttttttt whizzing out to Bunnings!


  15. kill teen angst fan boi says:

    Can you nominate the comments on this post as a worst?


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