I love hand painted or amateur graphics, and this Garden Gallery van parked at Curtin is a classic. David also sent in Chimes, (which seemed to be saying “CHIMES bitch!” to him). And a car in Wuhan China, where “Baby on Board” has slipped a little in translation. I like a good cars post.

Update. Since finding out that Chimes is a what? A way of life? The text from the myspace page really should have been included as worstworthy. Added below unedited.


From teh Chimes.

second link/ URL thingy: :) Jus so you know wot im bout here…. gon say few litl thingzzzz…. my priority is not sound at tha moment (every area/ scene on earth which i invest my energy into my priority is to bring more heart) there is plenty of music out there that sounds nice n fun to dance to but tha stuff they talk bout is often shiyt written by fairly poor role models whose intentions are not fully pure, they energetically stimulate ppls lower bodies (physical, emotional and mental) rather then the higher bodies (soul, spirit etc.) and are often doing more damage then good, it is rather easy to make things sound nice/ gain mainstream popularity with all the technology now days if u hav time to do so…. i have been to earth many times in many bodies and have learnt many things (as have other ppl to some degree and they would also remember if they practiced genuine regular meditation), this life it is my purpose to bring heaven to earth/ raise ppl to a state of being/ state of love that they didnt yet realize possible, i am not attracted to negativity in any scene, though part of my job on earth this life is to go into negative places/ scenes to do healing and bring truth back to where it has been misplaced…. alot of rap is generally shallow/ negative in content, chimes educational raps wil counteract this and steer hip hop in a more positive direction…. at tha moment as i am fairly bizy trying to save the world hahaa, it is not practical to put all my energy/ time into making music that sounds nice…. many of the songs u wil listen to have been written on paper, then written on the computer, i made the beat on tha program reason n then recorded straight away (on ma very highly priced.. notttttttttttt microfoneeee from Big W hahaa) by reading off tha computer screen first time without practicing hahaa thats about as much effort i wil put into making them sound nice for tha moment (in future i assure u i wil make them more pleasing to the ears u may consider wot happens a miracle so rememba these words hahaa :), also i kind of like tha amature/ underground unperfected sound, sumtimes i feel if i jus record it first time without practicing there is more heart in it.. whereas if u sit there making things perfect ova and ova u go more into ur head and it becomes intellectualized.. eitha way im havin funnnn hahaa yeowwwwwwww :) …. though if u do tune into the energy/ intention and focus on the lyrics u wil be taken to a higher plane of awareness, combine this with meditation and u wil be doing one of the best things u can do for urself, other ppl and for all :) sincerely from ur frendly neighbourhood hero and spiritual pimp …. mac daddy *cHiMe$* hahaa yeowwwwwwww :):):):) …. o by tha way im not adding frends coz i dont rate ppl in any particular order, i got heart 4 everyone n is only how open to it they are that affects how much of it they get, i dont think adding someone on myspace means they are your frend anyways…. if u wana talk is me & :)

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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40 Responses to Carz

  1. B.T. says:

    Car posts are the best!


  2. Is that Chimes some kind of business, or is it really saying Chimes Bitch?


  3. Bento says:

    Well they have a myspace page.

    BichizMeanSooMuch2Me. A beautiful sentiment.


  4. Snuff says:

    We also apparently need to know should there be a twin, child, or maternity on board. Fortunately, this approach is unlikely to be lost in translation, and the correct translation could well have been worse, TLA.


  5. I should check if garden gallery has a hand painted website.


  6. skink says:

    what’s happening at The West. News is they are calling for voluntary redundancies and about 70 people are for the chop.

    wholly unconnected, but Pam Castlearse has not had a column recently, last I saw her byline was a tiny story on page 25, and Nurry was bumped off his perch in the weekend edition by C’leen Egan (that may have just been a Mallard special, but with Narkle in the news again, she may take it again)

    DFOC? anyone?


    • I hope Colleen saw your extranormal where murray and Kovacs were discussing her arrival. What happened to old Nurry? I feel the need to do a media post again. It was nice to have something real in place of Murray, but does she have any other topics apart from mallard?


    • David Cohen says:

      Yah is true. WAN are looking for five per cent of staff to take voluntary redundancies. Expressions of interest have to be in a fortnight.

      That’s the whole of WAN, so regional papers, The Countryman, RedFM et al as well as The West.

      It’s across all areas, not just editorial.

      WAN have allocated $10 million for the redundancies.

      Some senior staff who would be in line for a large payout might be tempted. But few people are keen to chuck their job in during a recession.


      • Frank Calabrese says:

        But most of the Red FM on air Staff also work for other stations, namely 96FM and usually voicetrack their shift so I wonder if savings will be to overnights where there will be jockless Automation ?


  7. Bento says:

    I like that Chimes is focusing on saving the earth, rather than making his (her?) music sound nice. Any idiot can get mainstream popularity, but it takes a special person to become a Trigg-based superhero (bigupz to Chimes’s swimming teacher).


  8. Paul Nurry says:

    Let me say at the outset that I, Paul Nurry am, at first blush, disgusted that I Paul Nurry have not been mentioned for some time. I Paul nurry, at first blush , let me say at the outset could cut and paste rings around so called Walkley winner Condaleeza Egan. Where is her take on the potato marketing board? When will she turn her at first blush hand to film reviewing? What about the nig nogs? Won’t anyone think of them?

    Where Egan falls down is her tendency to write about things she knows about, where I at first blush will bring a freshness to a topic by knowing fuck all.

    Let me say att the outset that I am not sacked, just resting at first blush.


  9. Snuff says:

    Nice couch, TLA. Is that the new Cott pylon ?


  10. Snuff says:

    It’s just occurred to me that there was a time when worst would often be described as RS. Does anyone still use that ?


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