Weekend Worstoff 48

DFOC sends his mighty outrage from the other side of the country. Apostrophe AND spelling? The level of outrage is outrageous!


Hugh Jass says, No pics for you this time, but this just caught my attention on the Transperth website
They are looking for a name for their new ferry. Could be worth a blog article? Would love to see some of the submissions that TWOP users submit.
Hugh Jass


Tiang sends a low rent version of the Rolls Royce parking. Where is this Tiang? The guard towers are interesting.


And Ms H sends a link to a worster who gathers worst shop names etc in Toronto Canadia land.

Worst well.

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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20 Responses to Weekend Worstoff 48

  1. Snuff says:

    Spelling. Worst. Apostrophe. Worst.

    99 bucks, TLA ? Worstest.



  2. Vic Demised says:

    Did they mean “Chechen”?
    And I thought Parma was in Italy.
    And Snuff’s right, it is outrageously overpriced.

    I would have parked my rust-bucket XA Ford as close as possible to the driver’s side door, so he had to shuffle over from the passenger side (hopefully goosing himself on the gear stick) or risk damaging his poncey silver duco.

    “She-Ra” works for me. Not that I’m a ratepayer.


  3. Grrr says:

    Stu (? – I think) has a double car park too at his blog



    • Stu says:

      why yes I do hehehe

      I thought I linked back to the Rolls Royce pic on here when I posted that, obviously I didn’t. This is probably a good thing lest we create a sort of circular vortex between blogs :)


  4. Joe says:

    Think the last one might be the Carousel Cannington carpark, facing west towards Albany Highway.


  5. Cheers for running that TLA. Smelbourne isn’t too worst-heavy (they seem to have very few palm trees), although Mrs DFOC and I did see a drunk wading in the buff on the south bank of the Yarra. Much to your chagrin he was too far away for me to get a pic.

    Note Mrs DFOC in reflection thinking, ‘Why does he have to take a pic of everything? Why? Why?’

    I have submitted my suggestion for the new ferry: the Eric Cooke Freestyler.


  6. js says:

    will nobody complain about ‘.w. frie’s’



  7. Transperth wants you to fill in 11 boxes to enter the name their poxy ferry comp.


  8. Dark says:

    The pic of the Holden VE SSV “silver car” was taken at carousel.. how do I know.. because I own this car.. I don’t condone parking like this at all.. but a blue ford was parked to the left of me over into the parking bay next to my left.. its why i was parked more over to where you see it now.. although the fords left and this red car is now parked properly.. makes mine look like a parking space hog…

    It’s really annoys me when people can not park in the lines making others park odly to fit in…


    Posted in the Limo section too…


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