Yabas Recurring

Got a pingback from the Gresley Abas blog today when they used a TWOP picture (the fine parking sign submitted by Tim). Gresley Abas is an architectural firm with apparently lots of sutainable green etc projects. They are also on the shortlist (In association with Brian McKay or vice versey) for the George and Dragon sculpture discussed previously where our old friends, papmeisters The Smiths are still in the running. (gawd). The St George effort is not bad, and I was interested to see more of their work, but unfortunately they have a classicly bad architectural firm website. Architecture firms are famous for having terrible websites, and this is no exception. A grid of grey and black rectangles with tiny glimpses of mostly computer renderings of work. The mouseover suggests many of these squares are clickable, but clicking often just opens another version of the grid, and then another and another – or nothing. One day an architectural firm will commission a good website. One day. Maybe they have some good work. I can’t be bothered looking, but it’s here for those who can. Oh, and the text looks like it’s saying Yabas to me. I think a space is needed.


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15 Responses to Yabas Recurring

  1. Snuff says:

    Notwithstanding that the mouseovers all opened for me, TLA, I certainly don’t share their taste for Mystery Meat.


  2. Bento says:

    Biting the hand that feeds, LA?

    That said, the website does suck.


  3. David Cohen says:

    Aha: TLA bookmarks The Poll Bludger.

    Why don’t I see Rotto Bloggo, The Perth Files et al there too? Hmm?


    • Frank Calabrese says:

      Aha: TLA bookmarks The Poll Bludger.

      And why aren’t you posting on the Westpoll thread ? I need backup from that Lib-Bot Bree :-) And I tried getting Young William to set up a Pollbludger page on Facebook, but he’s resisted the urge.


  4. Oh, what happened to the list of blogs read at the side? That seems to have been killed by the tag thingys. i’m not sure why there’s 2 tag things. Don’t use those bookmarks anymore. have gone to feed reader.


  5. David Cohen says:

    TLA’s graphic kind of looks like the board for that three-dimensional game in Star Wars where the pieces eat each other.

    Or have I had too much herring again?


  6. Philip Gresley says:

    Yeah our web site is pretty bad at the moment and kinda sucks , but luckily we are in the process of making it better…. :)

    Not sure why you guys get the errors. We don’t get them?

    Thanks for the heads up – I will look into it.

    BTW – like your site…

    yabas lol


  7. How about some nice, clear, high quality photos of your work. It also seems a little unnecessary that once you open the mystery pic that you have to click again for larger shots.

    Today it seems to behave a little better, perhaps it’s my firefox. Only one black rectangle in the top right area seems to open the grid again.

    What exactly is your role in the St George proposal? Does Brian throw out the vision and you have to make sure that gravity won’t intervene?


    • Philip Gresley says:

      re website – that’s exactly what we are looking at doing now…

      Ahmad Abas has worked with Brian for years on a number of artworks. As an example, together they completed the Impossible Triangle artwork in East Perth. You may be aware of that one?

      We do assist in the concept development with Brian and yes, also provide technical advice to resolve gravity issues and the like.


  8. I quite like the triangle. I make a point of “completing it” whenever I have to visit the Chinese Embassy across the road.


  9. The existing site is nearly invisible in Google. Somebody should tell Philip about the acclaimed seminars Bret Treasure runs on web strategy and SEO.


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