Weekend Worstoff 43

Happy Worst Valentine. How better to celebrate than with a heart shaped meat? Thanks Poorest lisa.


Meccano sends this Melbourne /queensland worst. I like it. That doll head won’t cut up pedestrians so much.


And Matthew Turner sends this hideous vehicle.


From Fucking Outrage Cohen, this shot from Borders. So that would make Andre the cheeseburger right?


And Sabian sends this, which someone else sent me months ago, but I can’t find. The juxtaposition just seems, I’m not sure.

week43nabWorst well my pretties.

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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23 Responses to Weekend Worstoff 43

  1. Snuff says:

    How better to celebrate, TLA ? Perhaps a chihuahua puppy ? No, wait … of course … bentos !



  2. Frank sometimes Rusty says:

    C’mon Mondos, fuck the heart shaped meat, what about a heart?


  3. poor lisa says:

    You would have to write in the card ‘To My Bloody Valentine’ to accompany the heart-shaped porkbelly with headcheese dumplings.

    Wouldn’t actual heart meat be just like eating gristle as it’s a muscle?


  4. cimbali says:

    Lisa all meat is muscle. gristle is the little bits of other stuff – cartilage, connective tissue, other unmentionables….


  5. poor lisa says:

    So… heart shaped muscle for valentine’s day it is then.

    Thanks cimbali I stand enlightened. I was hoping a doctor or a butcher would intervene. But there’s meat and there’s meat right. I mean rump steak must taste different from heart tissue right.


  6. Rolly says:

    poor, poor lisa

    Have you really never enjoyed the epicurean delight of stuffed lambs hearts ??
    It is the hearts that are stuffed, though I do believe that the lamb was well and truly stuffed before donating the said organic blood pump.
    Nothing even vaguely reminiscent of a live sacrifice.
    More like something of the umbral pie variety.

    You evidently weren’t poor enough to appreciate them in your early years, so I guess your present impecuniousness developed later. 8O


  7. Frank Calabrese says:

    Ok, who remember’s the Perth Kid’s TV Show from 1980-81 which introduced us to Keith Geary, The Underground Video which had a robot called Cfer and an effemenate Pool of water who’s nake escapes me but was voiced by Max Bartlett ? This was TVW7’s contribution to the new “C” Classification which didn’t allow for Fat Cat & Percy to appear.

    Well, the theme used was by Avant-Garde Electronic pioneers Kraftwerk and their 1977 hit The Robots.

    I may have posted this before, but for the newbies – enjoy :-)

    Note this is not a clip to the show, just the song.


  8. Rolly says:

    The Mondo ad reminds me of the yarn about the ABC intending to produce a soap in direct competition with the infamous “The Box” in the 70’s/80’s.
    Working title – “The Caesarian”
    A cut above……….


  9. cimbali says:

    Sadly neither doctor nor butcher although I have dissected a few interesting things over the years.

    I am currently reading a book on how the mind works and am on the chapter about emotions like disgust. The author reckons that disgust only ever applies to animals (parts of, behaviour of, excretions of etc…) and that you are never disgusted at plants. Having put my hand into a semi liquid zucchini in the vegetable crisper this morning I beg to disagree.
    He reckons it is an adaptive mechanism to stop us eating things that might be bad for us but I am not sure why we are now so squeamish about hearts and brains etc when we used to eat them in the past.
    Anyway, in the words of the great Billy Bragg, “Valentines day is over” – Bring on St Sebastians day when we can all stab each other with arrows.


  10. ratbag23 says:

    This Mondo’s Meat ad: is it from “The Voice” community newspaper? “The Voice” always runs a “spot the fake ad” competition each week, and I just wonder if it could be one of those.

    Although the inclusion of a tiny ad agency serial number on the bottom right corner suggests otherwise, as they’d never go to such a great length to make the ad TOO authentic.


  11. Frank Calabrese says:

    This Mondo’s Meat ad: is it from “The Voice” community newspaper? “The Voice” always runs a “spot the fake ad” competition each week, and I just wonder if it could be one of those.

    Although the inclusion of a tiny ad agency serial number on the bottom right corner suggests otherwise, as they’d never go to such a great length to make the ad TOO authentic.

    Alas, it is genuine as Vince Garreffa used to pull the same stunt when he had his shop in Midland, until he moved away in a huff because of the supposed loss of trade once the DOLA Building in Midland was built and they closed off Gt Eastern Highway at the St Brigids Church end and built Midland Square and the new City of Swan offices.

    But I’m sure the real reason was because he was an egotistical wog who grew too big for little Midland and wanted to make his lira with the trendies in Inglewood.


  12. Frank Calabrese says:

    And the Winner of worst Blog – Tod Johnston :-)



  13. I think Poverina Lisa said that it’s from The West.


  14. Frank, Tod’s spelling is worse than mine! Don’t tell Skink or Bento. He sounds a sensitive soul. I’m not sure he can take their comments.


  15. He’s also got a link to John Williamson, who as discussed has the worst ever song Hey True Blue.
    What an odd blog of Tod. Half aresed I think is the closest term I can find.


  16. poor lisa says:

    Hey – don’t pick on Todd – at least someone’s alerting the world to the plastic bag issue (© 2004 Seattle Post-Intelligencer).

    What a renaissance man: crap covers AND cutting edge political issues.

    Yeah ratbag good theory but unless the worst has started ripping off the voice’s idea, it’ s real, it was in the thursday food section.


  17. skink says:

    is Tod’s spelling so bad he is unsure how to spell his own name?

    don’t knock hs plastic bag campaign, Tod has a degree in environmental science you know. They used to mention it when he used to do the weather – just to let you know he was more qualified to read from a met office forcast than the blonde on the other channel


  18. Bento says:

    Tod’s a little off the pace on the plastic bag issue, it seems. Seattle introduced a plastic bag tax last year, so even a search of the P-I site should have turned up something more recent and relevant for him to cut & paste.

    Perhaps Nurry should run some sort of course for new bloggers.


  19. skink says:

    Julie Bishop has just fired herself from the Shadow Treasury.

    Media still decline to use the line “Liberals bash Bishop”

    another shallow fake bites the dust


  20. David Cohen says:

    She didn’t want to talk for long.


  21. Ljuke says:

    To quote the great Clint Eastwood:

    “You want to know what a real criminal is, Ackerman? It’s the son of a bitch who painted this car, that’s who… Can you imagine defacing a work of art like this with a color like that? The guy ought to have his ass removed.”


  22. BrownBook says:

    I’ve managed to avoid Rieu so far (except for the corflute displays in shopping centres and post offices) but at someything to take the edge of the worstiness. Last few paras:


    But does this mean we’ll have to hear it for it to be charitable? In other words, if a charity single is released, and nobody wants to hear it, can it please not make a sound?

    Just give money Andre.


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