28 Responses to The Nipple and The Glory

  1. Rolly says:

    Like me the TransPerth artist is possibly a starved and frustrated tittiphile.
    On the other hand he could be a bit of a piss taker.
    Or maybe *she* is a cock teaser, or even a Klimpt teaser.
    Who can tell?
    It’s a world of little mysteries: Like who the hell is sufficiently mentally deranged to care enough about a sports team that has to import most of it’s players in order to achieve notoriety for lack of success.
    Perhaps “Glory Hole” might be a more appropriate appellation.
    There, at least, the suckers might get some joy out of it.


  2. poor lisa says:

    It’s a perfectly logical graphic graphic which captures the irresistable appeal of sustainable public transport to a diverse demographic. Many people including myself find the mere sight of Transperth’s service updates highly exciting, and I definitely would only open the Journey Planner (whoaarrh) in the privacy of my own home.

    In fact perthstripper.com.au – thanks Francis Xavier(https://theworstofperth.com/2008/11/17/miss-nude-has-no-nipple) should add it to their repertoire:
    “For this very explicit show the girl will perform a sizzling strip followed by a hot live boolean search of Transperth’s metadata to find the quickest journey to the Stirling Arms in time for the sunday session.”


  3. Rolly says:

    It’s quite stimulating reading then, poor lisa ?


  4. Ljuke says:

    Actually Rolly “Glory Shed” does sound a little bit like a hangout for cottagers.


  5. “a sizzling strip followed by a hot live boolean search of Transperth’s metadata …”
    That’s very funny.


  6. Bill O"Slatter says:

    You always need a Journey Planner when visiting the Stations of the Cross Lisa.


  7. My Ning says:

    One thing is for sure – the above talent aint no Nikki (see Miss Nude Has No Nipple). Could she in fact be Nikki’s alternative ego in a parallel universe?

    I wonder if DJ Swinger has something to say about all this….


  8. Snuff says:

    Great comment, poor lisa. And yes, My Ning, this may finally solve the mystery of where Nikki’s went.


  9. thewinchester says:

    If I was to name the offending ad agency in question, it’s either Rare Creative (a local mob) or Marketforce (should be nailed to the cross) before they lost the WA Govt. contract. Gut feeling however gives it to Rare because the design and thinking behind the copy is their kind of style.

    @Bill O”Slatter – lost my journey planner and timetable for the stations of the cross, got a spare one lying around?


  10. Snuff says:

    If Bill doesn’t , thewinchester, then this goth zombie one might help.


  11. HangtheDJ says:

    It was actually done by Gatecrasher.

    It’s about 4 years old now.


  12. And the soccer ball sucking off SA? Amateur or free graphic design I assume.


  13. Bento says:

    My mum always says: “There’s no such thing as a free semi-deflated soccer ball in the shape of Western Australia, wearing a hat and sucking off South Australia.”

    Looks like you’re right again, mum.


  14. I hate the Transperth website with a passion.


  15. Leo says:

    Nice tit.


  16. Ross says:

    I reckon the Hyde Park Hotel building itself has gotta be given a worst. It’s basically a painted brick cube with a door.

    The Glory Shed Supporters Club used to have their “home” at the Hotel Northbridge on the corner of Brisbane and Lake Street (not to be confused with the Brisbane Hotel on Brisbane and Beaufort). Fair dinkum they used to get on the turps there before the game and then GET ON THEIR BUS to take them the TWO BLOCKS to the ground!

    BTW theres one of those TransPerth graphic ad things in the Esplanade Busport supposedly showing a satellite or some such thing fallen into the middle of a street in Joondalup in front of a green bus, while some chick is shown drinking coffee and perusing the TransPerth website, apparently deciding to take the train to uni. Wow.


  17. Forgot about this one. It really does look like a drunk sucking off South Australia.


  18. Bird of paradox says:

    On the Transperth theme: the new Smartrider ads are pretty shocking. They have some kind of storyline, a bunch of sentient piggybanks dressed up like members of TISM who aren’t happy they’re getting replaced by a smartcard. There’s little pig images stuck on walls / lifts / etc at Esplanade busport, and a heap of these enormous posters on the walls in the northern entrance to the underground platforms at Perth station (the end with an escalator in only one direction, in true Transperth style), which stand out due to being the only things on the bright orange tiled walls. I’m not sure if I preferred those walls when they were blank…


  19. Bento says:

    I believe the ‘Glory – Sucking Off SA’ sign is now a Vanished Worst.

    I didn’t notice before, but the apostrophe suggests there was only one supporter. Perhaps not that far from the truth, if recent ticket sales are anything to go by.


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  21. Crgwllms says:

    Perhaps, like the misplaced apostrophe in “Supporter’s” the misspelt sign is actually advertising that they give “Glorys Head”…?


  22. The Legend 101 says:

    I see this ad on the train all the time i have no idea what it’s trying to say. Whats with the city of stirling logo and the green and blue swirls.


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