Weekend Worstoff 100

My sister is off to India. This pic is on the hotel’s website. Maybe “hose & scrotum” tourism is bigger over there? And Outrage Cohen, fresh from apprehending criminals, objects to being turned on erotically by Jesus’ over buffed upper body. Those lash marks just bring out the upper arm muscles too much. I hear you Outrage. Do they have a Mary with massive boozies? This is a Jehova’s Witness Jesus. Maybe theirs work out more? And right after he was sexed up by Jesus, Outrage Cohen was in turn frightened by The Shed’s “Tayto”. Was this the same Shed that had the logo of the drunk half deflated soccer ball sucking off South Australia?And Bento saw the crappiest way of writing “creative” on Newcastle Street. Does it even say creative. Crate V? Or is it “crave”. That doesn’t work either. How would the 8 fit into crave? They need some lessons from bogan licence plates.

About The Lazy Aussie

Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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48 Responses to Weekend Worstoff 100

  1. Natalia Fan #1 says:

    A big Oprah “WOW” on all accounts, but Mr Tayto is the winner for me. I think few people would readily associate potatoes, St. Pat’s Day, or God helps us The Shed, with the concept of “sexy”.


  2. monkeypants says:

    Mr Tayto is the winner for me too:


  3. skink says:

    that’s not Jesus,

    that’s Eric Cantona


  4. WAtching says:

    Muscled Jesus just appeared in my letterbox too, DFOC.

    Western Suburbs Blitz?

    Maybe they were looking for the same guy as you the other day.


  5. David Cohen says:

    After absorbing this post I was confronted by a vision of Jesus in the bath craving the attention of a muscled Mr Tayto.

    I have been in here too long and I feel unusual: time to go outside.


  6. artheretic says:

    is that Michael Palin in the bath?


  7. I Clavdivs says:

    JC had just finished his last stretch. Excellent gym facilities in those Roman jails.

    You say Pilate I say Pilates.


  8. Frank Calabrese says:

    And no one has mentioned Today’s Front page of THe West re Ben Cousins and Chris Mainwaring and a certain plate full of White Powder ? :-)


    Brings a new meaning to Chris’s WoW segment. :-)


  9. Ljuke says:

    “Attention all you Paddys and Micks: come on down to the Shed where you’ll never have to worry about famine ever again. It’s all good crack. Craic.”


  10. Hugh Jass says:

    Since you made me download the 30mb newspaper I must make reference to the article on page 3 titled “The man in the schoolgirl skirt”

    What the fuck?


  11. Pfortner says:

    So I rock up to work today and someone’s left me a ‘present’ on my desk and it’s this pamphlet… well on the back it says JESUS GAVE HIS LIFE FOR MANY… and on the front… MUSCLE JESUS! Then I logged in here and… D: How odd. It’s just a pity Morgan Freeman got cropped out of your photo DFOC.
    Personally I’m a bit bored with the whole ‘Died for our Sins’ thing, but am hanging out for the Special Bible Talk Entitled ‘Real Peace and Security – When?’ DUH IN THE AFTERLIFE RETARD


  12. David Cohen says:

    I apologise, Pforts.

    It was no doubt due to a shaky hand of mine, and not through yet another cruel and ill-judged editorial decision by Teh Lazy.

    I too look forward to ‘Peace and Security: Keeping it Real with Da Muscle-J.’


  13. Pfortner says:

    I think the dearth of incisive commentary on ‘hose & scrotum’ is proof positive of its overwhelming bewilderingness.. fully worst mate


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