Weekend Worstoff 39

Snuff in Japan kindly sent me some Belmont Park shots. Belmont Park, Adachi-ku, Tokyo. that is. One of the results of our great sister city program, which has been as influential as The Colombo Plan. Snuff says…

week39belmontphoneAn inexplicable, yet nostalgic, (for me), mint condition red phonebox (with a sign on the door asking kids to please not play in it).

I couldn’t decipher the Kanji on the plaque near this one, but it’s as worst as sculpture gets, no ?

I have a shitload of other general Japanese worst to get to you sometime, but this favourite from a kid’s shop in Tokyo insisted on coming along. A friend in Melbourne was actually quite taken with this one, but she’s a unique woman.

Skink’s scan of West howler in education pages.


And the Rockingham Pirate says, Back in February last year you showed us the Flying Dutchman, bringing to light the woes awaiting those who enter Rockingham (as i do every morning).  And you prophetically stated:

Cries from the ghostly crew were “Tell Mark McGowan I voted for him!”, “If only I could be in Centrepoint Midland!” and “Aaaaaaar ya swab. Doomed ye be to live in Rockingham. Aaaaar!”

It seems your ghostly paraphrased cries were heard by the good people of Rockingham, who have some time yesterday or this morning added the Jolly Roger to her (see my best pictures from several attempts).

Thanks Rockingham Pirate. I’m glad someone sent a closer shot of this thing as mine was from a speeding car. (You don’t slow down in Rockinham in case Mark McGowan tries to kiss your baby.)


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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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17 Responses to Weekend Worstoff 39

  1. js says:

    white cfm boots and a little faun licking your chest, interesting combination.


  2. Bento says:

    I’d always been disappointed with the lack of ‘deer on girl’ action on this blog. Finally, this oversight has been addressed. Nice work, snuff.


  3. Snuff says:

    Publishe ande bee damnede.

    Speaking of education, it looks like Rocky’s buccaneers, stranded there in the less than picturesque Info Bay, could take some tips from Somalia’s.

    Just by way of clarification, it’s no Alsation (sic) Rampant, but the bambiality picture isn’t for sale in the store, it’s the advertising poster for the store. I wouldn’t mess with her boyfriend, by the way, js and Bento.

    Avagoodweegend, TLA.


  4. Frank Calabrese says:

    Just saw an ad on Ch 9 for Monday’s A Current Affair- She-Ra vs Sattler re whether Perth is “Behind The Times” and it features the Wheel, Extended Trading Hours etc.

    And why wasn’t the Lazy Aussie involved ?? Demand a right of reply !!!!


  5. skink says:

    I now have a vision of McGowan dressed in a frilly shirt standing on the front of the ship crying “but I don’t wanna be a pirate!”

    (that’s the second time I have used that Seinfeld riff and somebody better bite this time)


  6. I’d go Cheech and Chong Skink, with “Buggery on The High Seas!” (Oh tear the shirt you big bully)


  7. skink says:

    I saw the Pissweak Wheel today for the first time.

    It was not as big as I had imagined

    which is what Mrs Skink said on our first date


  8. re: TT
    More Is Perth “Dullsville” tripe
    Ctrl+V reporting, obv.

    I wonder if they lay the AHAWA out to flay like they should

    Why I dream


  9. Midlandia says:

    What, Mrs Skink had cause to complain on the first date, Skink? You’re supposed to wait until at LEAST the third! Honestly.

    As for the education splash in The West, it’s interesting to note that two ‘Irish’ Christian Brothers schools are in the list. However, if the hapless editor had gone to a good ‘French’ Christian Brothers school, they would surely have no cause to ‘publishe’ such howlers!


  10. Rolly says:

    “…..a good ‘French’ Christian Brothers school,……”

    That’s an oxymoron, Midlandia.


  11. As in “phew, it’s not as big”?


  12. Yeh, the wheel is a bit on the ‘small’ side when compared to those of the UK and even Melbourne… but hey… there’s lots of great stuff in Perth too.


  13. Bento says:

    No doubt there was some French going on at those Irish Christian Brothers schools. Probably some Greek, too.


  14. Hugh Jass says:

    “Yeh, the wheel is a bit on the ’small’ side when compared to those of the UK and even Melbourne… but hey… there’s lots of great stuff in Perth too.”

    Such as……………………………………………..the wheel?………………..


  15. Groucho says:

    Big wheel keep on turning,
    Kings Park keeps on burning,
    Rolling, rolling, rolling on the river.
    Rolling, rolling, rolling on the river


  16. Frank Calabrese says:

    Don’t forget She-Ra vs Sattler on A Current Affair on Ch 9 at 6.30 pm discussing whether or not Perth is “Behind The Times”.


  17. Thanks Frank. Sent out a notice on TWOP facebook fanpage. http://is.gd/g3JA


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