Weekend Worstoff 35

Of course a couple more New Zealand worsts from my travels, but first, an extraordinary submission from Meccano in Melbourne. I just want to urinate into this.

ww35girafAnd I first thought this was connectedwith some kind of Christmas pageant in Wellington, but I now think it is a mobile drug dealing shack.

ww35cabinAnd I’m wondering whether seahorses need an entire world? Picton new Zealand.


Worst well this weekend.

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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31 Responses to Weekend Worstoff 35

  1. skink says:

    the answer to the riddle:

    “what’s got four legs and a cunt halfway up its back?”

    used to be “a police horse”

    now we can answer “a large porcelain giraffe”


  2. js says:

    seahorses need at least two worlds as there is another seahorse world in kalbarri,well known home of the seahorse. it’s just along from the bird place ‘parrotise’.


  3. Frank sometimes Rusty says:

    Or fuck it, because my wife says it looks like a cunt.


  4. Snuff says:

    Well, if it’s good enough for strippers, why not seahorses, TLA ?

    Alternatively, given that the fun police seem to have finally made it to Amsterdam, and what we’ve seen of signwriters’ spelling abilities, perhaps the madams have chosen to venture offshore.



  5. Grrr says:

    Now, I may have been drinking (and I have – just one bottle of the homebrew, but I can feel a kick) but is that lovely…. vase (or piss pot) not a visual representation of an image The West used to flog as a print, albeit from a different angle?

    This is going back a bit…. not Murry’s era, but the guy after him that used top like the BIG HEADLINES.

    (I really hope that’s not going to parse).


  6. Vic Demised says:

    Well, Snuff, it looks like I’ll only be spending half as long in Amsterdam on my next visit.


  7. Frank Calabrese says:

    This is going back a bit…. not Murry’s era, but the guy after him that used top like the BIG HEADLINES.

    I believe that would be Brian rogers, ex TV Journo.


  8. I hope the new editor brings back the Potts and Mandrake.


  9. Grrr says:

    Marmaduke, surely?
    I think we can blame Mr Pearl Necklace for Zits, and that much surely lead us to blame him for body modification on Perth.


  10. Frank Calabrese says:

    And have you noticed the lack of stories about Govt Schools banning Christmas this year ? Apart from an article by Robert Taylor which mentions this when citing the reason why LIberal Backbencher Peter Abetz stood for Parliament, not a single story, neither in The Worst, nor on 6PR (Though I haven’t been listening, these stories are usually on the news after Rattler runs with it.)


  11. Rolly says:

    Really, Frank?
    Schools banning Xmas?
    Now that really is a move forward in modern education.


  12. There was a story of a Carol being banned.


  13. Rolly says:

    Why? What had she done?


  14. Frank Calabrese says:

    There was a story of a Carol being banned.

    But that was banned by a local vicar in the UK because of what he saw in Bethlehem.

    I’m talking about State Schools banning Santa because he scares the shit out of some kids, and it really exposes the hypocrisy of Stranger Danger and not accepting lollies from strangers, yet parents insist on putting their kids on the lap of a man wearing a red suit and ofering lollies etc.


  15. Frank Calabrese says:

    It seems the Perth Anti Net Filter Rally attracted the proverbial 3 men and a dog, and got very little media coverage, only Fairfax Radio News and The West online.

    This video illustrates how it is a dumb idea to hold a rally 2 weeks before Christmas.



  16. skribeforti says:

    Thanks Frank for the linkage.
    Yes, the protest was hastily arranged but I think it was really only a toe in the water for the organisers. They have further plans. We’ll see what happens. Hopefully the plans for filter will disappear into the ether and there won’t be a need for further protest.

    BTW SMH/WA Today also covered it: http://www.watoday.com.au/wa-news/internet-censorship-wont-benefit-cyber-safety-protestors-say-20081214-6y3k.html


  17. Frank Calabrese says:

    As mentioned in the Sunday Crimes, the City Of Perth/RTRFM iWalk tours.

    Your personal tour guide coming to you direct from your pocket

    i-Walk City of Perth Trails are a new, fun way for visitors to experience the history and culture of Perth in a format that allows ultimate flexibility and entertainment.

    Produced in partnership with RTR FM 92.1 i-Walk City of Perth Trails are the first free audio tour available for download that focuses on Perth city.

    The tours consist of a series of audio tracks that provide information and stories about significant landmarks in Perth and also provide directions between locations.

    The i-Walk City of Perth Trails can be downloaded to any MP3 compatible player.


    I think we should have our own Worst Of Perth i-Walk Tours :-)


  18. poor lisa says:

    Frank I think that’s what the backpackers in Rainbow Lodge are crying out for!

    You could provide one of those virtual helmets so people can still see vanished worsts like Jacksons Hotel, the boozie in Wellington St,etc.


  19. I have intended to do some of these for quite a while.


  20. No-one got any comment on the mobile log cabin?


  21. poor lisa says:

    Don’t you know we’re parochial? We would rather not comment on foreign muck, or even muck from Wellington. It’s not as worst as ours.


  22. Bento says:

    I agree, poor lisa. Our worst is definitely … erm … better than theirs.


  23. The Legend 101 says:

    Worst entertament Sikko the americans and there blue script and Sigma and also Marmaduke and Toy Story 3,Twilight,Nights Of Black,Lord Of The Rings,Star Wars THERE ALL GAY.


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