Pizza Showtime

“His face was a pizza pie, like you don’t get with delivery, only straight out of the oven, where the pepperoni is sizzling with fat, and you just know you’re gonna burn that spot right behind your front teeth.”
Moonish on Moonish

Another from the Beaufort Street Arrondisement. Could there be a less appetising picture of a pizza? Looks like from the pen of the pussycat artist, minus the boozies. And yet I could really do with one right now.

Thanks to anyone who made it to the comedy tonight. No-one live blogged the event?

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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26 Responses to Pizza Showtime

  1. CK says:

    That’s a pizza? No, wait, it’s a Pacman sent from the future to destroy our present to prevent the machines from taking over.


  2. Blandwagon says:

    Looks like from the pen of the pussycat artist, minus the boozies. And yet I could really do with one right now.

    The pizza or the boozies?


  3. Rolly says:

    I’m a well balanced individual: I like my my boozies to come in matched pairs.


  4. Still haven’t seen a review of my comedy performance from Jay, or Fucking Outrage (Who got in free through his media contacts).


  5. Rolly says:

    They were probably too embarrassed!


  6. Yeah well this bein the Intertubes (TM), dood , where is the Yooftube offering ? Here’s your RTR offering at 2:55


  7. Rolly says:

    Link is not working.


  8. Since it looks like I have to review myself, I would have to describe my performance last night as fucking outrageously funny.


  9. David Cohen says:

    Sorry for my tardy critical assessment: LA was forensically funny, with flashes of lacerating intellect. His Bono impersonation was impeccable. In fact the audience sensed they were in the presence of a Renaissance Man. They laughed, they cried, they were moved. Will this do?

    What are the green things on the pizza?


  10. CK says:

    That’s the meat, DC.

    Either that or the Capsicum of Doom!


  11. I think it’s anchovy


  12. King of Bayswater says:

    I’ve tried a lot of Pizza in my time – including one Pizza at this establishment & it still ranks as the worst i’ve had. I can’t believe they are still in business.


  13. I went there mamy, many years ago when the sign was much younger, but I can’t remember the quality. Beer would have ensured it was all eaten anyway.


  14. lauredhel says:

    Is it … meant to be a slug ‘n’ snail pizza? That’s all I can see.


  15. You’re really veering off into serious third personage reviewing yourself c.f Jack Black on Letterman.


  16. Zarquon says:

    No pizza should ever have anything blue on it.


  17. Rolly says:

    Wrong, Zarquon.
    The “Quattro Formaggio” often has Gorgonzola.


  18. The Intellectual Bogan says:

    ‘That is clearly coloured spermatozoa. On a pizza!’

    In light of the fact that the oft referred to copy of Pussycat was found under a pizza oven, I think I just went off pizza.


  19. This delight of design has now gone. Bye bye odd pizza picture.


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  21. The Legend 101 says:

    Why are you guys so obsessed with Pizza?


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