Smell of Female

Special Troy “Smell of Female” Buswell bulletin. For interstate and international readers, The Leader of the Opposition Troy Buswell has just admitted sniffing the seat that a female colleague had just vacated.

PEOPLE, I WANT THAT SEAT. Does no-one have a picture of Troy’s Office that shows any of the furniture? I’ve Googled, I’ve Yahoo’d, (jeez, I’ve even Lycos’d) I’ve tried several journos, but no-one can find a picture. I’ve even emailed Alannah McTiernan to see if she can get me a shot of Troy’s Office. No answer so far. perhaps I should try someone in the Liberal Party. Why they are undermining Troy when they have no alternative is beyond me.

However The Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party, Kim Hames, has voiced his support for Mr Buswell.

“To me Troy’s a rough diamond and you don’t fix a rough diamond by smashing it to pieces,” he said. “You take those rough edges off and you’ve got something that is of quality, …”

Kim, to me it sounds like you’ve got diamond polishing and turd polishing mixed up, but I hope you’re right.

Parliament House staff have recommended that members riding bikes to parliament (ie Greens) should cover their seats with an approved cover as shown below. A spokesman said, “while we acknowledge that Mr Buswell has changed his behaviour, perhaps it is wise not to put temptation in his way with uncovered bicycle seats on view.”

Mr. Buswell is expected to follow Geoff Gallop and take up a university chair after leaving politics.

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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142 Responses to Smell of Female

  1. Frank Calabrese says:

    I tried looking for happy snaps of Troy’s office here

    but unfortunately, it isn’t available, but it was when Omodei was leader.


  2. Frank Calabrese says:

    And this ad hasn’t been on air since Sunday.


  3. The chair would have to be in endocrinology.


  4. Frank Calabrese says:

    As I said in the other thread, Birney is being courted to do a Howard and stand again as Leader.,21598,23618493-948,00.html


  5. SkyLantern says:

    First there was “jumped the shark” – an expression used to describe a once successful TV show that declines after stretching credibility too far. Origin: USA, Happy Days.

    Then “jumped the couch” – an expression used to describe a celebrity whose eccentric behaviour leads to a decline in popularity. Origin: USA, Tom Cruise.

    And now “sniffed the chair” – an expression used to describe a politician whose inappropriate and immature behaviour leads to a terminal decline in electoral chances. Origin: Australia, Troy Buswell.


  6. Tony T says:

    Now that is what I call a seat in parliament.


  7. Dukes says:

    Reminds me of quagmire teaching chris about women in family guy.

    Buswell: SNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!! *exhales in satisfaction*. Ok, now you try.

    Buswell’s intern: *sniff*, oh. I don’t think I like the smell of farts as much as you do sir,

    Buswell: What are you talking about? EVERYONE likes farts


  8. Laser says:

    I refer to the self admitted ‘chair sniffing’, bra snapping, filmed in parliament drunk, leader (?) of the (eternal) opposition and alternative Premier (??!!).

    Will he ever be able to ‘Chair’ another parliamentary meeting again?

    The terms Chairman or Chairperson will now have an extra definition in WA dictionaries!


  9. Laser says:

    P.S. I understand that all Members of Parliament are called ‘Honourable’.

    Will Mr. Buswell now relinquish that title or add ‘Dis’ as a prefix.

    This man will be the ‘butt’ of jokes for centuries to come!


  10. Russell says:

    There’s nothing interesting about Troy’s office – all of those offices in Parliament House look like Belgrade in the 1950s.

    Poor Troy – a very likeable, funny, charming, intelligent guy who has a past of being the life of the party, prankster, tipsy fool, performer of stupid gags. With the blubbering apology it’s all turning into soap opera – difficult territory to get out of.

    Can people learn from experience? A sober Troy is the best alternative Premier we’re likely to see.


  11. Russell says:

    Laser – not all MPs are ‘Honourable’ – ministers, ex-ministers, and members of the Legislative Council are Honourable, so not Troy, yet.


  12. A sober Troy is the best alternative Premier we’ll never see.
    Troy has turned himself into the John Hopoate of politics.
    Hint to Sir ” Battlin” Barry Court : women now have the vote.


  13. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Hint to Sir ” Battlin” Barry Court : women now have the vote.]

    And Margaret preaches against such sins in the Victory Life Church.

    Talk about people in Glass Houses.


  14. Laser says:

    You are right. Troy is not at all ‘honourable’, nor will he ever be ‘honourable’.

    I was really, truly, surprised, and very disapponited, that today’s press conference did not end with Troy’s resignation from Parliament… like an ‘honourable’ man who knows he is wrong.

    Julius Caesar, Act 5 Scene V.
    BRUTUS: Hold then my sword, and turn away thy face,
    While I do run upon it.


  15. Frank Calabrese says:

    [I was really, truly, surprised, and very disapponited, that today’s press conference did not end with Troy’s resignation from Parliament… like an ‘honourable’ man who knows he is wrong.]

    Yet there have been Govt ministers such as John Bowler, Norm Marlborough and even John D’Orazio, who have resigned as soon as the Mrede has hit the cooling device.


  16. SkyLantern says:

    I agree Laser. Buswell should resign as leader of his party, if not from parliament. His position is untenable and after tonight’s TV coverage he’s now a national laughingstock. And in all seriousness, I hope that the Liberal Party arranges immediate counselling for the man, and maybe also his family, because this level of public humiliation can be very difficult to handle. Yes, he’s brought it upon himself but I’m sure no-one wants to see a repeat of what happened to former NSW opposition leader John Brogden.

    I think the Liberal Party needs to take some responsibility for putting these juvenile men in leadership roles in the first place.


  17. Anonymous Perthon says:

    If he is willing to do that shit in front of people imagine what he does when no-one is looking. I’m thinking that poor chair may have recieved a little frottage when everyone else left.


  18. Vish says:

    I hope he doesn’t resign. This is the first time I’ve ever bothered to read anything about Australian politics. He’s much more interesting than Aunty Helen!


  19. I’m more against the tears than the sniffing. He should have attacked, even laughed. “Yeah I sniffed a chair. What of it?”


  20. skink says:

    Troy: “can I smell your minge?”
    Woman: “certainly not!”
    Troy: “then it must be your feet.”


  21. I was at least able to find a generic chairsniffing photo: see


  22. skink says:

    I posted these on another thread, but here they are again:
    seat-sniffing and bra-snapping:


  23. David Cohen says:

    Hmmm. But the pic looks like a younger Rob Johnson, and they say he’s the leader of the Federal Opposition. Wonky-ette?


  24. CK says:

    I tried fo find the pic of Troy during his viking period, where is it LA?


  25. Russell says:

    Wonkette’s picture is of the Hon. Anthony Fels MLC


  26. Frank Calabrese says:

    [I tried fo find the pic of Troy during his viking period, where is it LA?]


    Found it via search of Poll Bludger via Andos The Great :-)


  27. CK says:

    Excellent work Frank


  28. David Cohen says:

    Will Fels sue for saying he looks like a young RJ? :-)


  29. Why does that picture remind me of Paul Murray ? Is it because he appears to have reached spiritual enlightenment from vast quantities of alcohol , absent friends style ?


  30. Mez says:

    He really is a very un-attractive man and make Mark Latham look like a choirboy.

    His massive ego must have taken a beating this week. Bullies generally do not own up willingly. I agree with #16 and think that some counselling is in order.


  31. Frank Calabrese says:

    And Col Blimp is still laughing it off a joke .

    “People Will Love Him”

    To quote that other bastion of good taste and Morals Big Brother, “I Don’t Think so”.


  32. Frank Calabrese says:

    Did I just see our own David Cohen on the ABC 7pm News re the Raid on the Sunday Crimes ??


  33. I told you he looked like the pussycat man.


  34. Frank Calabrese says:

    [I told you he looked like the pussycat man.]

    Do you mean DC looks like Catweazle ??


  35. Frank Calabrese says:

    Speaking of David C :

    [Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance WA branch secretary David Cohen said the raid was a “f****** outrage”.

    “It’s hard to believe that 16 policemen, 16 armed policemen with handcuffs, in uniform, and plain clothes have had to go into the building on someone’s order and look for a file or a document or to question a journalist,” Mr Cohen said.

    “This is the sort of thing that happens in Zimbabwe or Russia or Cuba or Iran, this is seriously bad news for free speech.”

    Mr Cohen said the Government was making a big mistake if it was going on a witch-hunt and trying to target a journalist or media organisation. ],21598,23624733-5005361,00.html


  36. David Cohen says:

    It’s a fucking OUTRAGE!
    There were two dozen cops.
    What happened today is truly The Worst of Perth.
    This government is out of control.
    Threats have been made against The Sunday Times by the authorities for merely reporting what was happening in their building.
    Free speech in WA is going down the toilet.
    The Labor Government is looking like a certain Albany toilet.


  37. Well at least you can say fucking outrage rather than f****** on TWOP. Soon all the news that’s unfit to print will only be found here. I must admit that I had hoped for a little shooting. Making some journos “dance” by firing bullets at thier feet might have been pretty funny.


  38. Frank Calabrese says:

    I was waiting to see a mad scramble to the shredder as the police were walking through the door and reporters madly hitting the “delete” key, but alas the latter would’ve been useless as without actually physically destroying the hard-drive, the computer crime guys would’ve retrieved the data.


  39. Frank Calabrese says:

    From the comments of the Sunday Crimes Raid.

    [Did anyone else notice in the video that above the desk the cops are searching there’s a big picture of The West Australian’s front page and the headline “FOUND” when Paul Murray said the HMAS Sydney had been found and it wasn’t??? Hilarious!!

    Posted by: Waz of City 5:06pm today
    Comment 4 of 32]

    LA, ask em for a copy :-)


  40. Where can that be seen Frank?


  41. Bedfords Crackpot Fraternity! says:

    If only someone had lit a match – the whole place could have gone up and we’d have disposed of a business that sells thousands of trees disguised as worthless crap every year!


  42. Bedfords Crackpot Fraternity! says:

    or…..if Troy had only lit a match over the chair instead,…er!!


  43. Frank Calabrese says:

    And from the Gallery :-)


  44. That’s beautiful. Weekend worstoff material I think. There just may be a post it saying “lost” on the corner.


  45. Frank Calabrese says:

    And an even BETTER picture of the “Found” Front Page.


  46. Frank Calabrese says:

    [That’s beautiful. Weekend worstoff material I think.]

    See 47 for an even better one :-)


  47. Frank Calabrese says:

    [That’s beautiful. Weekend worstoff material I think. ]

    And remember to thank the Dept of Premier & Cabinet, the CCC and the WA Police Fraud Squad for their assistance in locating this elusive item :-)


  48. There IS a sticky saying “Lost”. Fantastic. I may have to disagree with DC. This is all upside.


  49. Frank Calabrese says:

    Speaking of The West, I note that there is no coverage whatsoever on the Sunday Times Raid on their website.

    Will it make the Dead Tree edition ??


  50. Perhaps they’ll do an episode of stress busters
    on the Police Media Suppression Unit ( we have a file on you !)
    Copper: I’m stressing out over doing McGinty’s dirty work
    Dr Quackenbush : You want to be sent back to the front line ?
    Copper: I’m feeling better already.


  51. Crackpot-o-rama! says:

    Was it a scratch ‘n sniff chair? Troy


  52. Mez says:

    snap ‘n sniff


  53. poor lisa says:

    Robert Taylor actually had something useful in his account of Troy’s Tearful Media Conference yesterday – he described how, before the show started, Troy had a mozzie on his face which he smacked dead. When journos alerted him to this bad look, he scraped it off his face and pretended to eat it (or possibly really did eat it).
    Ten minutes later he’s crying about how unfair it’s all been and how much he’s changed, and how difficult it is to confront behavioural problems so publicly?? (Hint: public bad behaviour by public figures, is only ever gonna be dealt with publicly).
    To me he looks like someone who didn’t have enough fun as a child/teenager and is still making up for it. It’s quite poignant really. He really missed his calling as an fm dj or a big brother contestant.
    The Libs should draft in Cory as their next leader – he behaves about the same, and at least he’s demonstrated he can organise a party.


  54. Frank Calabrese says:

    I note that the West relegated the Sunday Crimes raid to a paragraph on a side bar well into the news section.

    I wonder if they’re scared they’ll be the next target ? Oh and they’ve really disowned their “rising star” Troy big time – another shrewd assessment by limpwrist gone wrong.


  55. skink says:

    Lisa – regarding Naughty Corey becoming leader of the Libs:

    also glad to see the nickname ‘Limpwrist’ catching on


  56. Mez says:

    It is quite astounding really to see Liberal parties Australia wide self destruct as if the moral scaffolding provided by Howard has been taken out from under them revealing all piss and wind. Troy Buswell is left with old school careerists like Barry Court and Kim Hames and even Doc Nelson (the most unpopular Liberal leader of all time) is distancing himself while in turn getting the cold shoulder from the likes of Downer.

    Note to Geoff: do nothing, say nothing, don’t build anything. Soon you and Kevin will be running the place without an opposition.


  57. Mez says:

    …and, I’d vote Liberal next election just to see Corey get in


  58. poor lisa says:

    Picture the media release for his first doorstop:

    pty tnt frnt stps plt hs brng own babes ylw snglss’s drgz n ipods wtch 4 copz sms cory now 4 mor dtlz!

    (or something like that, I’m too old to imitate sms speak and my kids aren”t old enough to tutor me in it.)


  59. skink says:

    I have discovered the perfect birthday gift for Troy:


  60. Rolly says:

    “61 skink

    I have discovered the perfect birthday gift for Troy: ”



  61. Golden1 says:

    Unbelievable – twice in three days Perth has been mentioned in Melbourne news. This story about Troy Buswell and the pressure for him to resign and the Kerry Stokes/ West story. It’s really quite unusual, Perth only ever gets a mention over here if something REALLY terrible happens.


  62. skink says:

    ” Troy Buswell’s social diary is already showing signs he is on the nose. In Sydney tonight, a host of Liberal Party luminaries – including Joe Hockey, Andrew Robb, Bronwyn Bishop and possibly even Malcolm Turnbull and John Howard, with wife Janette – will attend the launch of a new retail store called Armchair. But despite the obvious marketing opportunity, Buswell, whose love of chairs has become famous across the world, was not invited to the function. Strewth asked the owner of Armchair, Pip Robb, daughter of Liberal frontbencher Andrew, if she had thought to ask the chair-sniffer to the launch. “No, but maybe I should give him a call,” the 24-year-old said with a laugh.”

    Strewth in the Oz


  63. Vic Demised says:

    Troy was just demonstrating his lack of Parliamentary experience. He hasn’t been there long enough to know that the eyes should pass to the left of the chair and the nose to the right.


  64. Frank Calabrese says:

    And Troy & his nose survive another day.

    Someone should’ve presented Troy with a chair which has been freshly sat on by a female, during the news conference.

    The reaction would’ve been priceless.


  65. My Ning says:

    If Troy Buswell had lost the leadership this week (and it’s quite amazing that he didn’t) he needn’t have worried – he could have always gone to work for customs as a sniffer dog.

    If anything, he’s probably figured out that – like his parliamentary collegues – he should just keep his snout in the trough.


  66. Frank Calabrese says:

    And Now Sniffwell has been accused of molesting a Quokka.,21590,23697591-948,00.html


  67. Anonymous Perthon says:

    I guess we are going to have to sit back and wait for the quokka to come forward. I should imagine it was the quokkas fault to entice Sniffwell with its quokkery arts and allures too.


  68. skink says:

    it seems the Quokka Soccer scandal was a beat up – some nong made up the story on his blog and then it escaped into the wild, where our professional (?) journos decided to reprint it without researching the background

    the blog is rather tiresome – can we therefore nominate Matt Hayden (not that one) as Worst Blogger.

    how come nothing from this blog ever makes the front pages LA? – there was a prefectly believable story about Lannie McT giving it to She-Ra with a strap-on that never got picked up by the papers.

    you need to start making up better stuff


  69. skink says:

    the West’s website has run this story with a photo of Tory Troy next to a photo of a quokka. There is a strong family resemblance. Must be the chubby cheeks and the startled look in the eyes.


  70. poor lisa says:

    Thanks skink.

    I guess the news story is – what other politician could have something like that blogged about them, and people wouldn’t automatically assume the story was a joke? that they would have to speak to the polly to confirm or deny its veracity? It just shows the man is unelectable.

    Yeh that blog is tiresome but it’s by no means worst. It would be mean to name the worst ones.

    It made me think that what is not-tiresome about this blog is that it’s not like a blog. It has structure and it’s edited for maximum impact. And it has pictures, blogs with pictures are the best.

    This is another favourite


  71. Rolly says:


    I never could understand men who waste so much of their lives scratching at their faces with sharpened steel doing their best to look like girls.


  72. poor lisa says:

    Oh. It’s about beards? I don’t think so rolly. I know plenty of old lesbians with beards. No young white lesbians though.

    Kevin Rudd was on there when he was opposition leader – That’s why he grew the sideburns.


  73. skink says:


    I’d like to nominate Margaret Quirk


  74. Fafnews presents all the news that fits (16/5/8)
    “The Nationals Leader Brendon Grylls wants the election held within two months
    If you get on the internet, if you look at the world news we’re not making headlines for anything other than the scandals involving members of Parliament.”
    The Worst of Perth claims another scalp, and it is also Simon O’Brien’s 48 th birthday today. Happy birthday idiot.


  75. 48! He looks about 60 in his photos.


  76. skink says:

    regarding lesbians with beards
    do you mean beards, or ‘beards’, or “beards” ?


  77. poor lisa says:

    Skink, I’ll have to consult the profanisaurus before I answer you.

    This reminds me, Camille Paglia once described Leonardo di Caprio as looking ‘like a 13-year-old lesbian’. That was maybe ten years ago though.


  78. That’s a great site. I do wonder why Robert Palmer is not in there though.


  79. Will Bergher says:

    too bad if she ate a prawn curry and drank heaps of VB the night before….


  80. skink says:

    news update:

    In a massive coup for TWOP, and in response to the relentless scrutiny of contributors to this page and their ceaseless pisstaking, Sniffer has quit and joined the small but elite club of Worst Liberal Leaders Never to Face an Election with Matt Birney and that other bloke.

    and now, in a leadership scramble that is a strange mirror to the Costello-Turnbull-Nelson tussle, the local Libs have to either pick an ineffectual smug tosser who just lost an election and promised to resign from Parliament, or somebody even more unpopular.


  81. Ljuke says:

    So is this a vanished worst?


  82. Rolly says:

    I don’t think so, Ljuke: I think that the worst is yet to come.
    The *best* that could happen would be a complete collapse of the Liberals as we know them and the subsequent development of a genuinely liberal and socially responsible group.
    The present Labor Party is much to far into the ideology of “market forces” to ever really return to being a party for the people.
    Bloody politics. Stupid voters.
    Bah! Humbug!


  83. Groucho says:

    I thought I would take this opportunity to write this Owed to Troy called Come Back Troy Come Back……

    Your seat is vacated
    On which you urinated
    From beer consumed
    And fart perfumed
    You could smell the stench
    From the Liberal front bench
    Come back Troy come back

    You led the Party
    You’re such a smarty
    No quokka kicking
    Nor seat sniffing
    Should keep you away
    For we want you to stay
    Come back Troy come back

    From leather to vinyl
    Or anything vaginal
    You can spank my bottom
    You’re not forgotten
    For I shed a tear
    And we live in fear
    IF you come back Troy IF you come back


  84. Wow. Do you have any Barnett material?


  85. Groucho says:

    He too has some carnal intentions….but a seat vacated is obviously “fair game” in the any fishing Party.


  86. skink says:

    surprised nobody has used “the Fall of Troy” headline

    Buswell was more of a donkey than a horse, but definitely hollow, empty and wooden


  87. So they have a leader they all hate, but might be electable, or one they all like who can’t be elected.


  88. skink says:

    the evil of two lessers


  89. Groucho says:

    It must be the new Liberal political “in thing”…announce your intention to retire and then get elected as party leader.


  90. Frank Calabrese says:

    Noel Chrichton-Browne, the Liberal’s answer to Brian Burke, sticks up for the fallen Troy.


  91. skink says:

    “high intellect, excellent debating skills and good presentation” ? he was a stumbling fool

    not difficult from that piece to guess which former leaders were in Crichton-Browne’s pocket


  92. Frank Calabrese says:

    [“high intellect, excellent debating skills and good presentation” ? he was a stumbling fool]

    And according to Ten News, Barnet is going to reward him with a Front Bench position, possibly Treasurer.

    Is that a Death Wish or what ?


  93. LA truly is the Beppe Grillo of West Australian politics.


  94. skink says:

    I saw Signor Grillo on the TV last night, and his Vaffanculo campaign is a work of genius – we could do with something similar here.

    although I recall everyone shouting something similar whenever Buswell got up to speak.


  95. Rolly says:

    @96 skink

    And Italy is in desperate need of a dozen more of him!
    But, like here, the majority of people just can’t be bothered to get off their arses to attend to the root causes of the political and social problems: Themselves!


  96. skink says:

    and on that note, Grillo enabled me to get the words “F*ck Off” printed on Sattler’s blog, albeit in Italian

    perhaps the moderator does not speak Italian, or does not follow the news, or is just past caring


  97. You always have to be cautious with interpretations of that great seething cauldron of Italian politics : the mafia is always in there somewhere. Grillo is the court jester , if he turns into a real threat he’ll be eliminated.


  98. David Cohen says:

    You’re very naughty, skink.

    I had to read some of Howard’s paragraphs more than once to tease out the meaning…

    [[Too late to save himself, Mr Buswell identified the priorities of the Liberal-led Opposition, to concentrate on holding the government to account for its failure to serve the community.]]
    There’s only one priority there…maybe ‘which include concentrating’ could replace ‘to concentrate’.

    [[I won’t, but he did designate several key areas where Mr Carpenter’s administration has been found wanting and which a committed opponent should have exposed.]]
    He won’t what? Designate the key areas?

    [[Trouble is that his “robust” antics and a succession of leadership coups have combined to distract Liberal politicians and its administration from obligation to the electorate.]]
    We could lose ‘that’…if we’re talking Liberal politicians surely we mean their administration…and surely it’s ‘it’s obligation’?

    Mind you, Lazy Aussie’s spelling and punctuation is far worse than Howard’s.


  99. Never mind the quality, feel the width. Some is deliberate. I make it policy to spell Casselllas a different way every time.


  100. Bill O'Slatter says:

    You critcismning our spellinge Cohen, You MSM typos will never gedge the interthing.


  101. Bill O'Slatter says:

    I also took the liberty of posting your comments on Sattler on the idiot’s blog. If this offends will delete O.K .


  102. Frank Calabrese says:

    And the Canal makes a comeback.

    All the ALP has to do is reuse the ads from the LAST Election, modified of course to replace Geoof Gallop with Alan Carpenter of course.

    [He said he has not ruled out bringing back the idea of the canal to move water from the Kimberly to Perth and said at the last election WA was not ready for such an idea.

    “There was a mistake in the way I handled that in the last election, any major water project in this State needs to be a long term, well thought out, well costed and considered project,” Mr Barnett said.

    “There’s been a lot of discussion about climate change in recent years and the most evident sign of climate change in WA is water and reduced rain fall, and we will have water as a prime issue in this election campaign.

    “In WA, we happen to have one of the world’s greatest water resources, and we should use that for the State.

    “If you look at WA in the past 50 years, the Pilbara has underpined our development in the mining and resources industry. In the next 50 years the Kimberly will be just as important.”]


  103. Bento says:


    Just think – first we get the canal, then, as if by magic, Tom Price can become the glittering Las Vegas of the southern hemisphere.

    You just need a little vision, is all.


  104. Frank Calabrese says:

    According to william Bowe over at PollBludger, there is talk via the ABC of Barnett trying to entice Matt Birney to stay on by suggesting he run for Alfred Cove.

    Birney says it is “unlikely”

    What a fucking joke.


  105. Rolly says:

    Far Canal!
    Just imagine the pissibolities for the worlds longest canoe race!
    With something like that the tourist trade would go gangbusters: Just think of how long the competitors, support crews and spectators would be held captive to the predations of the “hospitality” and tacky souvenir industries.


  106. BrownBook says:

    A mercifully short campaign. Not that I read it, but prepare for four weeks of Liberal puff-pieces in The West


  107. skink says:

    Oh Lordy – here we go

    I’ll have to keep well away from teh West for the next four weeks – I can’t bear to watch them try to talk up Barnett

    they are already saying that Carps has called a snap election because he is afraid to face Barnett in the House, because he’s ‘such a good parliamentarian’. jeez

    hopefully we’ll get endless reruns of the canal press conference:

    “we’ve costed it fully, and the numbers add up”
    “no, they don’t”
    “yes they do, they do”
    “NO, THEY DON”T!’


  108. David Cohen says:

    skink, did you read Chalpat Sonti’s latest piece (a Rambo riff)? Credit where credit’s due: I thought it was very funny, and well-written.


  109. Frank Calabrese says:

    [hopefully we’ll get endless reruns of the canal press conference:

    “we’ve costed it fully, and the numbers add up”
    “no, they don’t”
    “yes they do, they do”
    “NO, THEY DON”T!’]

    And guess whar will be the Centrepiece of the Liberal’s Campaign :-)

    [Mr Barnett admitted he ‘rushed’ his idea at the last election to build a canal to bring water from the Kimberley, but says he plans to do something big.

    “I don’t rule out pipelines, canals whatever else, what I’m saying is I rushed it at the last election, but my passion for doing something for the development of this state,” he said.

    “We have a state the size of Europe, do we really think we can just hold on to it?

    “We happen to have in the Kimberley one of the world’s greatest water resources, and I think we need to use that for the state. What I would propose is that we look at it very carefully.”]


  110. ABC radio finished the grab on-
    “We have a state the size of Europe, do we really think we can just hold on to it?”

    Which didn’t seem to make any sense. Is he saying the indonesians will take it off us if we don’t have a canal?


  111. Bill O'Slatter says:

    Col’s been sniffin something but it aint a chair.


  112. skink says:


    I did read the Rambo piece. I didn’t laugh.

    It was a nice idea, but was a bit sophomoric trying to link news items to fanboy movies, especially since he should know that any self respecting Judge Dredd fan considers the Stallone movie an insult to the 2000AD canon (the helmet stays on, dude)

    making jokes about the Canadian bus incident was a bit close to the bone – if you’re going to do it, you need to be completely over the top.

    He should have used the Nurry Reanimator illustration.


  113. Frank Calabrese says:

    And Peter Van Onselen is Perth’s Worst Political “Commentator” for reasons I’ve explained here :-)


  114. Frank Calabrese says:

    And I’ve found Troy Buswell’s theme song :-)


  115. Frank Calabrese says:

    And some bckgroud of the Creators of said page :-)


  116. skink says:

    ‘amusing’ song about Sniffer from 92.9FM

    I believe these people have a radio show that is popular with youngsters and those that enjoy their music being interrupted by advertising. I had not heard of it, but then my wireless only picks up the medium wave.


  117. John Kemp says:

    Bra Snapping, chair sniffing Trasurer would be a tragic way for West Australia to go. This time around, Mr Barnett has the job he wanted on his own terms, but a by-election in Cottesloe is considered a certainty if Labor wins Saturday’s election. Labor has been so successful building railways all over Perth. Improving and extending Freeways. Building new hospitals and schools.
    Mr Barnet was responsible for selling Alinta Gas and introducing individual workplace agreements. Now he wants to mine uranium with no care for the miners that would have to inhale the deadly radon gas which would also kill all those local communities that dwell on the outskirts of these uranium mines. These communities would be no different than Wittenoon where Asbestos was mined.


  118. David Cohen says:

    who are you voting for, John?


  119. Frank Calabrese says:

    Speaking of Troy – it seems he is in a spot of bother over some speeding tickets.

    Small problem though – he is the Transport Minister.


    • orbea says:

      When did Buswell take over the Transport Ministry?
      When did the speeding offences take place?
      Why should this be a big deal?
      Did he lose his license due to DUI as did a certain ALP Transport Minister? Are the offences equivalent and worthy of similar demotion?
      Interested to hear your cheerleading on these questions FC


      • Snuff says:

        I did have to chortle this morning, orbs, when Insider Mal Farr described The Buswell Factor as, “You can get away with anything, except, I would imagine that wholesale manslaughter … you might have to front a court on, but everything else, apparently you can escape, and in fact be promoted.”


      • Frank Calabrese says:

        Read the article and all will be revealed.

        Lannie was stripped of Transport when her indiscretions were recvealed.

        Don’t tell me you are a member of Adele’s Fan Club.


        • orbea says:

          Troy’s the number ticket holder for now.
          Alannah lost her license for losing her license due to DUI a couple of times. Since returning to Cabinet he has copped one speeding fine for 0-9kmh over the limit.
          Big fucking deal – revenue raising.
          This story is a beat up. Has he tried to use his position of influence to ‘lose’ the infringements? Has he denied the offences?
          What is more egregious is your banal spruiking along tribal lines, more applicable to clan warfare than political debate and quite frankly Frank, its pathetic.


    • Rolly says:

      One need never doubt the: “Don’t do as I do; do as I say” philosophy that abounds.


  120. The Legend 101 says:

    What do you mean voting.


  121. The Legend 101 says:

    thanks i will.


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