Bingo was its name.

Frank reminded me that that The Biggest Bingo Centre is set to close in a few weeks after 25 years. Do I remember correctly that it used to say World’s Biggest Bingo? Probably saddest is the smokers’ area in the second shot. The third pic makes me think that it is the same architect that designed the Convention Centre.

Remember I’m in China this week. I’m not sure how many, if any posts I will be able to do, as Wordprss is blocked there. I may be posting some Non Worst China shots on my flickr site HERE.

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Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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31 Responses to Bingo was its name.

  1. meccano101 says:

    Wow, just finished reading ‘atomised’ – the post not the book. There certainly has been a great deal going on while I have been off-line. Some fantastic discussion despite the G.H signature rant. Cimbali, the discussion surrounding ‘what is art?’ or as you put it ‘what is good art?’ is always a lively one because, at it’s very centre lies paradox. The human brain can’t cope with paradoxes but we cant help turning them over and over like a mobius strip caught in our teeth. For me true art arrives at the intersection between skill and sensitivity. Though it is a sliding scale, there will always be a point when the conscious and the unconscious cross over. That is [for me] where art [as verb] takes place. Assigning value to a work propels you into an Escher like landscape with stairs that go nowhere or worse straight back at you – with ants – upside down. In my own process, I see art as a window or a door [sometimes] out of one constructed paradigm into another. it is never an end point.
    BTW I think you are right L.A I think it did used to say worlds biggest bingo.
    Have a safe trip L.A.


  2. Anonymous Perthon says:

    It’s closing! What will happen to all the lucky gonks and rabbits feet, will someone think of teh rabbits feet!!


  3. Mazarina says:

    The West headline: “Unemployment rates soar as bingo callers are made redundant”

    I’ll miss this place!


  4. I have often driven past this hideous building. Not only is it an eyesore but it is a traffic hazard! The eye is drawn to its awful ugliness and the brain goes into an adrenaline fuelled overdrive as it attempts to deny the reality of the visual horror before it. Minor distractions like other traffic are sidelined during the emergency!

    Soon to be gone; Unregretted but not unforgiven and, unfortunately, unforgotten!


  5. Ljuke says:

    If there ever is a TWOP museum, that sign is a must-have exhibition. I wonder if it’s scavenge-able.


  6. Ryan says:

    Man, I went here for a birthday a few years ago. Was so much fucking fun, but good god (here’s where the snob comes out) filled with so much white-trash. It was absolutely a marvel to see, I gotta say.


  7. Frank Calabrese says:

    [but good god (here’s where the snob comes out) filled with so much white-trash]

    Or as I prefer to call them “Stratton Strawheads” :-)


  8. cimbali says:

    I thought worlds biggest bingo had been closing for years. Are they finally getting around to it? I really do wonder what they are going to put there in its place.
    Mecc I think I was trying to say that whether it is good or bad doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with whether it is art – but then doggy style turned up and broke all the rules!


  9. david says:

    yes, but ryan, at least then you knew where they all were at any one time…

    the bingo is dead…


  10. cimbali says:

    ….Long live the bingo


  11. tomthrett says:

    aherns go to bingo!


  12. Scurrilous says:

    I have to put in a vote for this to be not worst. The absolute dedication to utilitarianism has to be admired. There is nothing decorative about any part of the structure, inside or out. Even the paint colour has been chosen to attract attention rather than for any aesthetic value.

    The cheap plastic chairs, old oil tins used for ashtrays, cheap bricks, moulded aliminium roof, asbestos cladding and yet the people inside still had fun…


  13. CK says:

    You’re right about its unique architectural features Scurrilous. Was it designed by Harry Seidler?


  14. rats says:

    absolutely naught


  15. poor lisa says:

    I’m with cimbali and scurrilous

    1 it’s underneath the tonking hwy overpass. How aesthetically pleasing does it have to be for fuck’s sake?

    2 you have to think of what will go in its place. I can’t even imagine, but whatever it is will be soulless and boring whereas this catches your eye and makes you laugh, or cry, or have a head-on

    3 so much fun in such a setting: how can it be Worst?


  16. The Intellectual Bogan says:

    It just looks like a typical Perth factory building to me, not unlike many along that particular stretch of Guildford road, apart, maybe, from the shade of blue.

    The fascination here is that folk congregate in this great industrial barn in order to have a good time.


  17. Bento says:

    In LA’s absence, are we just going to have to keep finding things to say about Biggest Bingo?

    I’m Cimbali, Scurrilous and Poor Lisa, too. I’ve been meaning to go there for a big night of heads down, but just never got around to it. And now, it seems, it’s all too late…


  18. Mez says:

    the best bit has to be the sound of toilets flushing in the smoker’s area – his ‘n hers


  19. poor lisa says:

    “The fascination here is that folk congregate in this great industrial barn in order to have a good time.”

    That very thought goes thru my mind every morning as I drive down Roe St past Metro City.

    I haven’t been to either of them but I imagine Bingo is more fun as well as a cheaper night out. And no west coast eagles.

    Hey. Has anyone noticed:

    no greg hoey and
    no LA

    They’re both not here at THE SAME TIME. Are they both in china? Did LA give greg what he wanted and block him? Or… are… they…. the… same…. person.


  20. skink says:

    that’s it!

    hi-hoey is LA’s sinister alter ego, like Bob in Twin Peaks or Mr. Hyde

    is an exorcism necessary?


  21. Bill O'Slatter says:

    LA = GH = TT = BN = PN = MPD. You have to get the stats up somehow , but it leads to third personism ala the “Jimmy” from Sienfeld.


  22. Mez says:

    what about me Bill? I’m LA too!


  23. Anonymous Perthon says:

    I’m LA and so’s my brother


  24. After that Curtin Orientation ( ” which way is hell ?”), the miasma has been rent and it’s been one long demonic sossie session, Personalities and other things (e.g vegetables ) have appeared, disappeared and been taken over. I’ll have to get on the exorcise bike for this one.


  25. That’s the best news I’ve heard in a long time – what a dive!


  26. Bento says:

    No, I’m Spartacus!


  27. Rolly says:

    I’m a cuspidor !


  28. Bingo says:

    That Sucks because my wife loves bingo and we where planning on making a trip to Biggest Bingo Center. Hopefully the second biggest bingo center doesn’t close. :)

    Does anyone know why they are closing?


  29. Mazarina says:

    it was a fundraising venture for the charity ‘Senses’, but in recent years it wasn’t making enough profits to keep it viable.

    doesn’t anyone care about the asbestos cladding though?


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