Romancing The Wombat

Just for you guys, I went to The Convention Centre on Sunday for “WA On Show”, specifically and only to get shots for TWOP. Transperth were showing how to get on a bus, I assume as part of an escape plan if you found yourself in Rockingham. A guy advertising Rockingham was wrangling a wombat. I don’t know what it means. Rockingham, wombats, it just all seemed to fit together somehow. The wombat is the one on the left. Are there wombats in Rockingham? The other pic was just surreal. I don’t know what to say. Something about blowholes perhaps. There is a sinister hand behind the diving mannequin that seems to be some kind of priest. Could the dolphin be performing a Footscray dolphin kiss? Too many questions. There were camera phones aplenty, I assumed they were mostly aspiring TWOP cadets.




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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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20 Responses to Romancing The Wombat

  1. Greg Tangey says:

    I’m a bit worried about Wombat Man’s lower hand and where it’s placed. The wombat doesn’t seem to happy about it that’s for sure :P

    Also, sunglasses on the head when you’re obviously not going to need them for at least 3 or 4 hours has been a pet peeve of mine for many years.


  2. David Cohen says:

    I love the dolphin cutout. Did you steal it for the Wolf’s Lair (aka TWOP HQ)?
    WAOS is a better acronym than HATE (Holiday and Travel Expo) that was on at Burswood recently.
    Was there a Rottnest stand at WAOS?
    Is it just me, or is there a problem with ??


  3. sally says:

    i don;t see what’s weird about the second photo… maybe im just totally blind!??


  4. It was really a reference to the obscene dolphin sculpture from Melbourne that’s linked Sally. the diving man looks weird too.


  5. No Rotto stand that I saw David. (Like that you have a pic now man). There was a stand for beautiful brastraps, something about radiation from mobile phones, and a celebrate the West Australian Newspaper.


  6. adam1975 says:

    The dude’s hand brings a whole new meaning to the term “reach-around”.


  7. Russell says:

    Strange, how people come to look like their pets.


  8. Levon says:

    I’m just stunned at the amount of people taking photos with their mobile phones of a mannequin in a crappy dive suit without any sense of piss-pulling intent.


  9. I think the wombat was loose down there somewhere.


  10. Anonymous Perthon says:

    Why does the wombat man have wings?


  11. BrownBook says:

    Yes Greg! Finally someone that shares my pet peeve of sunglasses stored on head. I once went to a wedding reception with the best man giving his speech at about 9:30pm (non DST), indoors, in tux, with sunglasses perched upon head. I couldn’t listen to anything he said.


  12. I’ve been seeing sunnies perched on the chin a few times, but not at night.


  13. skink says:

    the man appears to be pulling jewellery from the wombat’s pouch, or some other orifice – was he doing a magic act?


  14. You thinking it’s a sting of pearls show Skink? Could follow it up with a fruit and veg act.


  15. skink says:

    from what Greg tells me about my personal habits, I could indeed put on a good fruit and veg act myself.

    just don’t try the salad


  16. poor lisa says:

    How about a cucumber sandwich skink?


  17. skink says:

    ooh err, matron

    this is all getting a bit titterfularious

    careful now, enough of the smut. behave yourselves


  18. Mango says:

    Driving back from Mandurah yesterday, I saw a bus with “Rockingham Wildlife Tours” or something similiar written on it…since when is Rockingham wildlife central???


  19. Andrea says:

    I’m guessing there is nothing else to do in Rockingham besides wildlife…


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