During The Son of Fed Square debate, the sober discussion of form following function degenerated into a rather squalid concentration on the computer generated figures that populated the scene, and whether some were naked. David Cohen, Anonymous Perthon and Golden1, I’m particularly looking at you. I think that Vivifyer took responsibility for these nudies wandering the scene at one stage. Myself, I dismissed it as some perverted fantasy, until last Friday I was stopped in my tracks by what looked like genuine computer generated “Map of Tassie” on James Street Northbridge. Intense enlargement of the image by CIA labs in Virginia, makes me now think that it is shadow on a silver jumpsuit, although I haven’t entirely discounted crotchless silver jumpsuit. But what an odd image to sell a building. Apart from crotchless, she’s angry, very angry, as if this was once her building, and she has been cheated out of it. She may also be scratching her arse in a tribute to the all time TWOP classic.


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27 Responses to Crotchless

  1. cimbali says:

    Crotchlessness is the least of her troubles, is that elephantitis of the ankles that she is hiding under that suit?


  2. Levon says:

    Her shoulder looks dislocated. Maybe she hurt it when a frenzied William Shatner tore the crotch out of her space-suit.


  3. David Cohen says:

    It’s teps. And guilty as charged. Although I was more attracted to the zombies in SoFS than the buffers.


  4. Even more Mysterion from Planet Zog is the other space suited being. I assume that is a space suit repair kit he/she is wearing on their face ?


  5. flynn says:

    Is this the before shot of the refurbishment? Surely they could have gotten more for their money.
    Spent a bit more and they could have bought a better name too.


  6. Beno says:

    thats carmen lawrence circa 1980s for mine…


  7. Mazarina says:

    Of course the poor girl’s angry, look at that botched bikini wax! It explains why she’s scratching her arse too – ingrown hairs are a nightmare.


  8. Mez says:

    obviously did not download the anatomy lessons with that CAD program


  9. Golden1 says:

    As if she didn’t have enough problems with her elephantiasis, her collapsed rib-cage, her dislocated shoulder, her botched bikini wax and her appalling dress sense she also appears to have a full beard and mustache.


  10. Golden1 says:

    And the arse scratching probably means worms.


  11. Golden1 says:

    Is the man in red about to walk into a wall?


  12. Bill at#4. That is the shoulder of a figure behind her.


  13. Bento says:

    My first thought was ‘Janet Jackson, 2 seconds prior to wardrobe malfunction’.


  14. She has a little of the Billy Crystals about her.


  15. Anonymous Perthon says:

    I do believe thats our old friend “Pixel McTarty” from the Son of Fed Square post, she gets a lot of gigs around Perth doesn’t she?


  16. flynn says:

    She just needs a swan on her spacesuit and she would never be out of work again.


  17. Ryan says:

    Why is Oprah so angry?


  18. Bedfords Crackpot Fraternity says:

    I see Condie Rice doin’ the Disco Inferno!!


  19. This post and the subject of these generated figures and models in general, covered in this architecture blog in The Netherlands.


  20. sucklessssss says:

    BAHAHAAA thankyou


  21. Vivifyer says:

    yeh.. that wasnt me hey. haha thats some nasty looking 3D too. If the budget was so small they could only afford this rubbish 3D work, makes you wonder what their budget is for the building :S

    Oh and just to clear it up, we did not do the animation for that $6 billion thing with fremantle. Thats also rubbish animation to be honest. You would thing with a 6b budget, they could at least spend 5k on animation :P

    cheers thx.


  22. This post gets a lot of regular hits from around the world, as does upskirt.


  23. Rolly says:

    Tis one way of putting Tassie on the map…err.. or is that the map of Tassie on the ….. err..or is that TWAToday…..errr.. or is it that the whole concept is so smeg as to be totally incredible?


  24. Paul Ison says:

    well I recognise these 3D people. They were included in ArchiCAD 6 way back in the mid 90’s and people still use them today. this is a horrible 3D collection and i wouldnt even use them back then – just like most of the ArhiCAD objects. The low quality is partially due to them not being textured properly but in terms of geometry they were made for use with older computers on large jobs where you may have a lot of 3D people. This was probably done in house by the designer (not much of a design imo) and represents probably 5 minutes work, maybe a few more mins if exported for rendering in artlantis. Normally if you want a good result you would want to export the basic model and add better looking people/plants in something like 3Dsmax or else just photoshop some people on like someone else suggested. It actually looks like the work of a designer i know…


  25. The Legend 101 says:

    Thats stupid.


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