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Reading Flynn’s comment today, I thought, “A thousand or two visitors every day, lots of coverage on the radio and in the papers. Plenty of comments from those passionate about the city. Perhaps it’s time for The Worst of Perth to do an interview?”

Tell me what you want to ask, and I’ll do it. Is it Alannah on transport or development? Is it Troy on what the Libs have in mind for the foreshore? Is it an artist or a builder? Is it a council on it’s building policy? Send me your questions, and I will contact them for the answers.

Now, I don’t want to renounce my smartarse er, roots and of course I encourage the usual humorous badinage, but I do also want to have some serious questions I can ask them as well.


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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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25 Responses to The Player

  1. Russell says:

    You could ask Alannah about well-designed higher density neighbourhoods for familes on average incomes. So far (East Perth, Subi Centro, Leighton Shores) it all seems like enclaves for multi-millionaires.


  2. Scurrilous says:

    In the State of Virginia, every town (what we would call a suburb) has a downtown, with a main street or high street or sometimes both. If they have a Water Street, it means they have a water front. The downtown is NOT a mall or shopping centre. It is an open air street (usually not a pedestrian mall, this is the US after all) with usually a church, boutique shops, tourist information, a library, a post office, some historic sites, an art gallery, a cafe and a restaurant or two. They don’t put their diners or fast food restaurants in the downtown, they are on the outskirts.

    Ask Alannah if we could have a policy that all new suburbs must have a downtown – she would call it a multifunction zone. And any old suburbs (Noranda, Dianella) that don’t have a downtown will have one built. And the ones that do (say Guildford, Bassendean and Mt Lawley) will get money to improve theirs. The downtown street can be renamed Main Street so the tourists and out of towners can find them easily.


  3. Russell, make it a more specific and direct question, if you want to elicit a specific answer. What exactly do you want to know about the higher density? The way you put it is too easily sidestepped.

    Scurrilous. Interesting. I think there is as much chance of naming these streets Main Street as renaming our mothers Mom, but a POLICY of making these streets, (I’m immediately thinking Old Perth Road in Bassendean, since we’ve been talking about that area) in the manner you describe is interesting.


  4. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Scurrilous. Interesting. I think there is as much chance of naming these streets Main Street as renaming our mothers Mom, but a POLICY of making these streets, (I’m immediately thinking Old Perth Road in Bassendean, since we’ve been talking about that area) in the manner you describe is interesting.]

    Well Ellenbrook has a “Main St”, and thier Shopping Centre is called “The Shops”


  5. Main Street Osborne Park has probably kyboshed that proposal. I used tohave to do wedding videos at “La Villa” on Main Street. What a hellhole that was.


  6. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Main Street Osborne Park has probably kyboshed that proposal. I used tohave to do wedding videos at “La Villa” on Main Street. What a hellhole that was.]

    Yes, but that was out wogged by Uncle Domenics :-) Poor old Steve was once the subject of some scurrilous rumours including making Ravioli using pet food and at one stage there were rumours about his death.

    And who forget La Tenda.


  7. GWS says:

    If it be with Allanah botox could you ask her why it’s not illegal to build houses with black fucking roofs?


  8. cimbali says:

    Good point GWS – not only is it NOT illegal to build a houses with a black roof, it IS illegal to build one with a white or silver roof. Most councils now have a policy which prevents you putting a silver or white zincalume roof on your new house because for the first three or four weeks it might shine in your neighbour’s eyes!


  9. The annual report of Dopie ( planning and infrastructure)

    Click to access Comm_AnnualReportfinal_0607.pdf

    There are three references to Global warming / climate change
    p53 “Climate change is increasingly impacting
    on many aspects of life, including landuse
    planning, urban design, and transport
    infrastructure planning. Coordinated responses
    to the management of environmental issues
    with a focus on water management and
    water-sensitive urban design are becoming
    progressively more important in land-use
    Increasing population density, increasing
    fuel costs, and climate change will impact
    on transport systems, transport costs and
    transport choices in urban areas”
    p57 “Climate Change
    Identify key coastal areas vulnerable to climate
    change, the data from which will be incorporated
    into a national assessment model.”
    Dopie asleep at the wheel as usual.
    Questions : how many staff have you on climate change planning ?
    What reports have they made ?


  10. flynn says:

    What happened to the Energy Rating System for new houses here in Perth? Other states have managed to introduce one without the sky falling in.


  11. Beno says:

    Could you ask Nattrass if he would describe his legacy as deplorable or merely grossly incompetent?

    I’ve always been curious.


  12. Nattrass always looked like he’d been “undead” for a couple of days, so perhaps his legacy would be “brain eating”. He appeared to be a bigger idiot than his partner Julie “Dunderklumpen” Bishop, if that’s possible.


  13. greg hoey says:

    Australia has more than its fair share of nazi’s in the agricultural-farming community. That have caused lots environmental degradation over the decades through bad farming practices, have mistreated the aboriginal people over payment, get paid compensation when business goes sour [unlike others in business] , and decry australians as lazy ignorant and racist when they are’nt allowed to employ a cheap overseas labour force [through respectable traveller organisations like YHA and elsewhere] that they can pay low wages to and generally mistreat.

    I would definately like you to ask her why let these bastards getaway with the live sheep trade into the middle east just because farmers again can see no evil in the mistreatment of animals for financial gain. Sicko’s.


  14. flynn says:

    Having just driven past another tree-turned-to-stump for convenience during development , how about asking about how do we get a tree preservation system? We will be a desert soon enough with rushing it. I dont mean save every tree regardless but sometimes the road could just bend around a few of them instead of this mentality where the entire area is cleared first.


  15. Mez says:

    could you please ask someone… anyone, about the $72m injection into the arts (wonderfully subtitled “Ignite”)announced recently – where it is going to be spent, when it is going to be spent and, most importantly, why is it being spent?


  16. greg hoey says:

    reply to mez- it’ll be spent on all the usual suspects ie.,those pushing the right buttons on feminism [for mostly privelaged young white lesbians], land rights, all the multi-cultural bog elite, and almost anyone else that rejects intelligence and commonsense.


  17. Mez says:

    what is a multi-cultural bog?


  18. shlock holmes says:

    I deduce my dear mez that when one uses the term ‘bog’ in this case instead of an irish drinking hole, it is possibly a government sponsored multi-cultured soup kitchen type of hole for those of a certain type of cultural persuasion.

    Nevertheless a hole is still a hole is a hole in anyones language. “Is’nt that right flotsam.”

    “Quite right holmes quite right, if I say so my self.” flotsam replies to holmes in a kind of self-confident yet idiotic way.


  19. Greg. Re: “Privileged young white lesbians”. Whoa there big fella. This is TWOP’s biggest demographic!


  20. Yes , I know its politically correct but it’s time to come out and say sorry , Greg. Too much privi-lager I suspect.


  21. Mez says:

    irish lesbians sipping intelligent TWOPtails at an incorrect political drinking hole. Now that’s wot I’m talkin about!


  22. greg hoey says:

    Dear, bill o’slatter when folks screw around with your life, and it happens to the best of us…F*#@K sorry.

    Just giv me the dough for all the run around. I’ll work out how much I’m owed.

    But thats me. Maybe the aborigines are a better class of people.

    Lets just see.


  23. greg hoey says:

    incorrect male-ish rogues drinking TWOPtails in a lesbian hangout [idealistic] is what I’m talking about. WHOA! that’d be somethin. Real liberalism maybe.


  24. Rachel says:

    You mentioned that you used to do wedding videos at La Villa, I used to live in the pink house next door, that house was DODGE man! I used to rent off the guy who worked /owned La Villa. I used to watch the weddings through the big (kicked in) hole in the side backyard asbestos fence.
    My mum moved in there after I moved out, she moved out, then some dodgy people moved in after her, then the place got molotoved, was on the news and everything LOL.


  25. Which got burnt, La Villa or your house? I would have like to see La Villa burn. ireally really hated that place. I’m sure the ghost of the birdy dance still haunts it.


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