Tourist Trapped

Nettie spent some time at the Mundaring Sculpture Park, and I’m glad she did. Several great subjects for TWOP, which I will show in separate posts. She says that there used to be more items, but vandals (critics?) have taken their toll. The fact that these are a little bit sinister makes me like them a lot better. Exactly where is this Nettie, in case there are some more critics who want to take in the show?

mundaring sculpture park
mundaring sculpture park

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55 Responses to Tourist Trapped

  1. Juffy says:

    The Sculpture Park’s showing in the street directory between Jacoby Rd and Phillips Rd, 100m south of the centre of Mundaring.

    It’s not a very big suburb, I reckon you could hit the Park just by walking around blindfolded until you hear the screams.


  2. takatde says:

    they giv e great piggy back rides though :D


  3. Mazarina says:

    These statues scare the bejesus out of me! They look like a silent mafia gang that have taken you out for a ‘friendly chat’ in a deserted forest before they encourage you to try on some concrete boots. Look if we can wear them, so can you – you wanna be like us don’tchya? DON’TCHYA???!!!!!!


  4. BC Planning says:

    They look like lost tourists from Florida


  5. greg hoey says:

    Mundaring park = SOUTH PARK !!


  6. Mez says:

    Those sculptures are by Perth artist Stuart Elliot – he actually does this work precisely to scare you – He hates tourists! Not his best work but he is worth looking up


  7. Rage says:

    Not only are the sculptures pretty foul, he has chosen to adorn the ring leader in some kind of Ken Done sturt desert pea tracksuit.


  8. I don’t really mind them all that much, especially considering other pieces we have seen and will see on this site. Definitely better than any of those awful bronzes by the Smith pair. Maybe gigantic would have been the way to go?


  9. I just about grew up in that park. Unfortunately you can’t see the sculptures from Google Maps but if you’re looking for the place it is here. Mundaring Sculpture Park


  10. meccano101 says:

    Is this the same Stuart Elliot that taught at Curtin University?


  11. Nettie says:

    Yeah, the park isn’t too far from the highway in Mundaring, pretty easy to find.

    I really wish that the big red concrete bench in the shape of a pair of lips was still there. Absolutely garish! Would have been fabulous to have a photo of it.
    Never mind…


  12. meccano101 says:

    I liked Stuart, he was one of my tutors.


  13. cimbali says:

    I’m quite fond of these guys. Tell me – If we are taking the piss out of someone who is taking the piss out of squat English tourists, does that mean we are for or against squat English tourists? And are we left with more or less piss than we started with?

    My main complaint is that Stewie has modeled these dwarves on a certain mother-in-law of my aquaintance.


  14. 1. Cimbali the equation is quite simple : the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
    2. Stewie knows what he is doing : his is not the worst by a long shot.
    3. Those persons thieving trolls in the expectation that when Stewie goes the way of the mud people there will be a large prophet need the constabulary after their sorry bottoms.
    4. Tho Florid they are not Floridans ; speculation on their provenance e.g Pomgolians, Tasmanians or South Australians is likely to inflame chauvinistic passions just in the week where Ozstraliayanna needs to be at its height.
    Oi! Oi! Oi!


  15. So I’m putting these in officially not worst? is that the general feeling? I can send Stuart a “I’m not the worst in Perth Certificate?”. And Bill. I don’t know what most of that means.


  16. CK says:

    OK … cruel judgement may be suspended.

    Stuart Elliot’s other claims to fame are what?

    (Oh Lord, will nobody rid me of this terrible tennis on channel 7?)


  17. cimbali says:

    Thanks billo
    I read your post four times and finally worked out what you were saying.
    You are right I shouldn’t have assumed their nationality, I can only blame the afore mentioned resemblance to someone’s (not my own) pommy m-in-L.


  18. Added to “Not Worst” tag.


  19. You can’t always achieve the high standards of my pome about the mud people.
    The point that Stewie is making is about persons viewing the bush junk and promptly heading for the air conditioning ; there’s is a war on the bush junk. No doubt there are more subtleties to be gained on more viewings.
    That people are stealing these is a bit of a worry.


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  21. Golden1 says:

    Cimbali – would I be right in assuming that I know the pommy m-in-l to whom you refer??


  22. cimbali says:

    If the mu mu fits G1


  23. Mez says:

    “OK … cruel judgement may be suspended.

    Stuart Elliot’s other claims to fame are what?”

    some nice murals in the foyer of CCI building East Perth and some sculpture outside new Midland cop shop

    but in my opinion his gallery work is better than his public art, check out:


  24. Golden1 says:

    hehehehehehehehehehe – the resemblance did not strike me until you pointed it out but now I can’t see anything else!!!! Funny thing is she had exactly the same expression on her face when we took her to Mundaring.


  25. Lyn says:

    I want one. With a forearm arrangement that can hold a letterbox. My street is far too neat and polite.


  26. skink says:

    these are a poor reference to Duane Hanson’s tourist sculptures:

    also, several years ago someone gave me a novelty candle which was very similar to these.

    there should be a special category on this site entitled: “Perth artists and architects who plagiarize in the hope that the locals are too sheltered and paraochial to recognise the rip-off”

    “Why do they call it the Tourist Season if we’re not allowed to shoot them?”


  27. skink says:

    these looks suspiciously similar to Duane Hanson’s tourist sculpture:


  28. skink says:

    these are surely a reference (or a simple rip-off) of Duane Hanson’s super-realist scultures of American Tourists (now in the Saatchi collection)


  29. Skink, you are the rip off exposer.


  30. skink says:

    can there be a whole category on this website entitled:

    “Perth artists and architects who plagiarise in the hope that the locals are too dumb, sheltered and parochial to recognise a rip-off” ?


  31. I would prefer to call it “giving tribute to”. I haven’t had time to check out the “originals”, but I’m sure others will look and give an opinion. I actually like these more every time I look at this post. I’ll have to stop looking.


  32. skink says:

    “Why do they call it the Tourist Season if they won’t let us shoot them?”


  33. Skunk this might amuse you ( if you can translate it from artese )


  34. skink says:

    skunk? my username is skink, or are you suggesting an odour eminating from over here?

    thanks Bill, I shall read it at my leasure.

    there’s a fine line between “reference”, “tribute”, and “larceny” you only need look at the plethora of Murcuttish tin sheds springing up all over Margaret River to appreciate the subtleties.

    perhaps this sculpture’s resemblance to other work is merely an example of the Alice Black Theory of Emerging Art


  35. greg hoey says:

    “Perth artists and architects who plagiarise in the hope that the locals are too dumb, sheltered and parochial to recognise a rip-off” ?

    So true.


  36. Mez says:

    But I don’t get the fine line you are talking about here – Hanson’s work does what super realist work is all about, that is, recording fact and holding it up as a mirror. Elliot’s work is a cartoon-like narrative the only thing they have in common is the subject matter.


  37. skink says:

    they are also a copy of plastic novelties and candles – hardly any blistering artistic statement beyond a slight chuckle


  38. greg hoey says:

    In the case of dwayne hansons work mez one would say he was more original, stuarts work seems very derivative and copyist even though the style is vastly say less realist.

    As example There’s an australian artist of extreme high realism Ron Mueck who one could say is derivative of the dwayne hanson school of realism. Except for one thing and that is the sheer breathtaking scope integrity and originality albeit in a very similar vein of narrative [hyper-realism style]. Basically he even leaves the likes of the dwayne hansons way behind. Even though he works in a similar vernacular.

    Stuarts evil little tourists are not only ripped-off but they also lack technique. If you are going to adapt you should at least do it well. And the potential for it to be done well and really be a savvy statement on tourists was there but just not the originality of vision. He should have nother go and do it well in same south park rendering but with more finesse.

    Lots big time artists in perth that do as similar and for a while get away with it then get seen for what they are as ‘skink’ in other posts suggests.


  39. Mez says:

    so do you credit any artists in Perth with originality or are they all copyists?


  40. skink says:

    rodney glick, christoper pease, brian blanchflower, max pam, mary maclean, julie dowling


  41. meccano101 says:

    Rodney Glick??. – God help us.


  42. meccano101 says:

    James Angus is my pick.


  43. Some of the posters here are quilty of “artese”. “They lack tehcnique”. When criticising art you have to make sure you got the genre right. Stewie’s aim is not any sort of hyper realism and nor give the evidence that stink has mustered is it any sort of ripoff. Well done Stewie I would call it a kitsch parody with a point.


  44. skink says:

    you are in luck, Bill.

    you can buy your very own version of these novelty tourist figurines fro just $16.00 from

    guaranteed original kitsch


  45. greg hoey says:

    Reply to mez. Perth and west australia has/had some very good artists [howard taylor others] but really there’s so much small-minded petty politics and backstabbing parochialism in perths mean little art world that if a person has a real passion or talent -in one word take it elsewhere.

    Perth is deadwood.


  46. I really really hate Brian Blanchflower.


  47. SkyLantern says:

    For a ‘not worst’ artist in Perth I’d nominate Robert Juniper.

    There used to be a large and impressive Juniper painting in one of the tearooms at ECU. For at least a couple of years it was blocked by a portable pinup board carrying out of date staff notices. No-one seemed to care at the time, though it was eventually (re)moved. The painting, that is. The pinup board remained.


  48. He has some good ones.


  49. Bedford Crackpot Fraternity says:

    The Wiggles will look like this when they get old!!


  50. skink says:

    the list of artists I suggested was not a value statement, just a response to the question about originality, although James Angus is a worthy addition to the list

    as for Juniper – he is to art what Terry Pratchett is to literature – mistaking volume of output and popularity for quality. he found his groove and stayed in it.

    same beard and daft hat as well.


  51. There are some really nice ones though. I suppose there should be considering the volume.


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  53. Mez says:

    Stuart has an exhibition at Turner Galleries in Northbridge at the moment – worth a look

    Turner gallery is a nice warehouse conversion too


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