Budget Burger

You know, I would have been tempted to go with Value Burger. Budget tyres fine. Budget cars, no problem, but Budget Burger? Rivervale.

budget burger

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7 Responses to Budget Burger

  1. Robotnik says:

    I love the high security grills to keep out ram-raiders. Clearly the burgers are still not cheap enough!


  2. Michael says:

    What you don’t see there was the Jiffy-van style truck that they used for deliveries… worst graphic design indeed…

    but alas, the problem was they must have been too cheap, as they seemed to have shut down some time last year… i wonder if it had anything to do with the fact that they shared the building with the just-as-awesomely-named “A-Team Printing”… mmm, there’s your chemical poisoning right there, kiddies…


  3. Anonymous Perthon says:

    What??! Budget Burger has shut down, damn I was just saving up to go there this week


  4. Another nomination for best name for cheap food eatery :
    Po Po restaurant in Gt Eastern Hwy Midland.
    Customer : I only ordered one Po.
    Waiter: This is the Po Po restaurant , sir,
    Customer : Oh Poop.
    Now if you prefer your meat fresh you should go to the Bludget Burger Bar.


  5. I wouldn’t expect a budget burger to necessarily have meat. Some kind of sawdust and engine oil pattie.


  6. manny says:

    What’s in a budget burger? Anything that was once alive, or maybe medical waste?


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