Worst of OZ, Worst of World

Due to popular demand, The Worst of Perth is going to be taking worst submissions from the rest of Australia and The World. Would Worst of Perth fans prefer separate blogs to keep the Perth crap “pure’, or are youse happy to see all worst on one site?

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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40 Responses to Worst of OZ, Worst of World

  1. James says:

    But Perth crap is so unique, you can’t mix it with anything else! I say keep ’em seperate.


  2. It’s hard James. I would prefer not to build and maintain separate blogs, but, as you say, Perth is uniquely bad. Depends on the volume of submissions. I may have guest countries and cities if there are a just a few, but if it builds up, I may have to separate them.


  3. Rolly says:

    Nah! Keep it nice and parochial (like most of the local thinking!)


  4. Simone says:

    Sounds like a plan. I’d also prefer a separate one, tbh, I like being able to follow Perth specific stuff sometimes (even though the whole world is much bigger and just as interesting (or more…) I have to make choices!!)

    Just discovered your blog last week (how did I not know about it, especially considering my blog?!(or at least it’s name, ha ha), great stuff! :D While my blog is all about enjoying Perth (well, it’s events), I’m definitely not one to say Perth is perfect!


  5. Hi mate. Glad to see you on board. I have actually looked at your blog a few times. You’re makin’ the place look interesting. Perhaps a worst of perth tour is required to put things back in proportion?


  6. Anonymous Perthon says:

    I’m voting separate too, but do you have to have 2 different blogs or can you put 2 sections in this one?


  7. killabot says:

    i think separate is the best idea. i think that worst of perth should be “pure”, no cross-breeding! :P
    but i think a worst of australia/the world is great idea and i’ll be travelling back to norway soon so i’ll take lots of photos for the blog because there are some atrocious buildings that need to be torn down….


  8. Greg Tangey says:

    Seperate is the best idea, i understand from your point of view managing different blogs could become tiresome.

    Theres no doubt ways to appease everybody though and if you need any help looking into solutions for that give me a yell :)


  9. arthurvandelay says:

    Keep it separate! You have no idea what this blog means to sentimental Perth ex-pats across the world. We understand that crap exists in other parts of Australia–such as all those gigantic fruit statues that dot the east coast. But the Worst of Perth is the worst of Perth!


  10. Simone says:

    heh, well, I’ve added a link in the sidebar, that’s a start. Ahhh, there could be sooo many things I could be doing on the site (like covering a lot of the smaller and more obscure events)…but there’s not enough time… Not enough hours in a day, life’s too short, bla bla bla…!


  11. CK says:

    Yes, keep em separate. Worst of Perth. Worst of Earth.

    We’re decidedly provincial over here, as you know.


  12. Bobbi-lee says:

    Separate definitely. Do a Worst of Oz and a Worst of Earth blog each.


  13. Damn youse all! It looks like I will have to make separate blogs. I wish I hadn’t asked now.


  14. Téa B says:

    Separate definitely…. but if you need any help setting up and maintaining different blogs, I’ll give my time for free. I am a WordPress guru of sorts, so the offer is there.

    Worst of Perth is unique and I would hate to see it include anything outside of this one bogan town :)


  15. Thanks T. Greg also offered help. This is what I asked him. I’ll put it up, in case anyone else has thoughts.

    “Ideally this is what I’d prefer.

    Separate tabs or page for Australia and the world, which I can do now,as in the test below. While you cannot post to sub pages according to wordpress, it can be faked by editing the page and uploading pics and text as if they were a real post.


    It is almost what i want, as new posts for the world would only appear at the top of the “world” page, not the perth main page , while comments and categories would retain their integrity.

    One big problem though is that comments made on these sub pages will only appear as a long list, and will not “stick” to their fake posts. Also it will not separate the posts in recent posts. It is so close to what I want, but not close enough.

    What it seems like I want is separate blogs to be loadable under one banner, but with the categories and comments remaining combined.

    If you think there will be a way to do it, point me in the direction. If it looks like no hope, i will have to make new blogs and link them, which would be a shame. Thanks for offering to suggest.


  16. DingoRob says:

    The rest of Oz and the world doesn’t interest me.

    I only come here because I live in Perth and enjoy your worst.

    Are you sure you’re not biting off more than you can chew in taking on the world, Lazy Aussie?

    Oh well, if that’s what you decide PLEASE keep them separate.

    Anyways, thanks for the laughs so far!


  17. Thanks Dingo. It’s just that people keep suggesting outside worst, particularly the rest of OZ and NZ. In many ways it would be good to compare the quality of our worst with other countries, it’s an area where perth could mix it with the planet and come out on top easily. I wouldn’t mind seeing who can offer the world’s worst car or garden, but I’m looking at how it can be done and keep the perth worst pure.


  18. tomthrett says:

    seperate! perth is awesome! the rest of the country can go get fucked! if they nedd bad things, make them theirselves! this our unique thingy!


  19. Thanks Tom. By the way, if you go to( i think) your profile and add your link to the your website field, people could click on your pic and go direct to your blog. at the moment it is just http://
    if you want more viewers of course.


  20. tomthrett says:

    hey thanks!i dont know anything about the internet! sorry about the strong language ps.


  21. meccano101 says:

    I’m with you L.A I would love to see how Perth compares to rest of the world. Maybe instead of just ‘Worst of World’ you could set up “Perth V’s Worst of World”. It keeps perth as the focus and still gives us a window into the worst of the rest.


  22. Mecc I like the vs Perth concept. I sort of did that with the cultural centre vs fed square. perhaps if I have suggestions that challenge an already existing perth worst, i’ll put it up against the Perth one. Got anything to challenge the arse and boozie sculpture in your part of the world? Great idea.


  23. Golden1 says:

    Well LA you should have known better than to ask – it is so completely Perth to want to keep them separate.


  24. thatgrumguy says:

    keep perth perth – we dont need to mix – we’re unique with our crapness.


  25. Bobbi-lee says:

    “Separate tabs or page for Australia and the world,”
    Well the only way I can think of (using only wordpress) is by having separate blogs but with the same layout, and then just externally linking to them in tabs or something..
    I could probably think of something but I reckon it would be hard with just wordpress and would probably suit a better/different blogging system.
    Anyway, I can help out if you ever need it, I have lots of experience with WordPress.


  26. The offers of help have just been fantastic. Separate tabs seems like it might be tough, but greg is pondering too. I really like Meccano’s suggestion of making it Perth worst vs the world, where if someone thinks their city or country has better worst in a specific category (house, car etc), they can submit it to the Perth pack. That way i won’t need any new technicals, and the Perth purists can still be happy. i think I will make it a challenge to the world. We’ve got the worst, but if you think you can beat it, bring it on.


  27. empirejess says:

    i kind of like the guest “worst-of” lists although i can see how that’d be a bit hard to either maintain or get together in the first place.

    keep them seperate and get on board a few fellow editor/bloggers to help you out. it’ll be the “worst-of” blog team!!
    if there’s a demand, it’ll be logical to think that there’ll be the support network ready to pitch in.


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  29. David Cohen says:

    Keep them separate! I’m coming in late but that’s my view. I just spent two weeks in Hawaii, and being able to look at TWOP for hometown outrages was very comforting despite being 8100km away.


  30. hokusan says:

    Just left this on ‘5 public opinions’,
    thought I should cut and paste here.

    Lazy Aussie, it seems very clear to me that the success of TWOP relies heavily on your particular brand of aesthetic and wit. Whilst it is true that you have hit a nerve, it is your comments that keep me coming back, they are incredibly amusing and often insightful. The recent copycat “worst of Adelaide” has none of the charm of TWOP [sorry TWOA] and it seems clear from its stats no audience either. I feel very confident that whatever you decide to do with your blog it will be just as engaging and I will certainly be logging in.
    Perth V’s …is a great idea, it keeps Perths’ worst front and centre while in addition encouraging that other great Australian quality – smug competitiveness. Go L.A.


  31. Thanks Hok, haven’t seen you searching for Perth’s Worst Anal in the stats lately. We’re still number one.


  32. greg hoey says:

    Seperate. Perth’s worst is so uniquely vile its perth’s greatest contribution to world aesthetics.

    Encourage it!


  33. hokusan says:

    ‘Perths worst anal’ is so easy to say and yet so hard to..achieve[?] It is a very elusive concept. Glad to know it is still number one right here at TWOP.


  34. Peter says:

    I’d like to see them separate given how special Perth crap is.


  35. Mez says:

    I’ve always liked TWOP because, at a push, “worst” ryhmes with “Perth”

    how about seperate blogs for:

    You’re Kidding Me in Sydney
    Crap Art in Hobart
    Can’t Believe We Paid for Adelaide
    Sad and Forlorn in Melbourne
    No-Win Darwin
    Brisbane rhymes with Lisbon

    Failure in Australia!


  36. hokusan says:

    Nice work Mez, I particularly love Brisbane rhymes with Lisbon! How about –
    ACT’s Atrocities


  37. Peter says:

    For the international version:
    I Hurled all over the World

    And so far as the ACT goes, why not just:
    I mean I know it doesn’t rhyme, but I like the one wordedness. If you are sent on Rhyming I’d also put forward:
    The Error of Canberra; or
    The Terror of Canberra


  38. CK says:

    “Nice work Mez, I particularly love Brisbane rhymes with Lisbon! How about – ACT’s Atrocities”

    I think ACTrocities would do just fine. You’re all going to
    Hell, BTW.

    I’m in marketing.


  39. Rage says:

    So… you’re already in hell?


  40. meccano101 says:


    “Dar-win some Da-loose some”


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