The Colour of Money

Tom Thrett recently left some comments on the worst churches, saying he’d seen much worse, particularly St Cecilia’s in Floreat, Yokine Baptist, and Yokine Anglican. I visited them all Tom. The Yokine ones are pretty bad (we’ll see them later), but I didn’t see St Cecilia’s as a travesty of design. I can see why some might have it in their worst list, but I didn’t mind it. This is the one you meant right Tom?

This thing out the front was a little odd though, but no matter where they are in the world, all Perth expats would instantly recognise the colour on the base. It should be the official colour of the city – bore water brown. Do other cities have this discolouration, or is it unique to us?

st cecilias

The church itself though was quite interesting in a 60’s sort of way.


st cecilias

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13 Responses to The Colour of Money

  1. Anonymous Perthon says:

    That church is just fabulous and has NO PLACE on this website – the triangular thing though…
    what is it?


  2. lazyaussie says:

    It had a seat inside, nothing else.


  3. empirejess says:

    i actually really like this church, its different which is more than i can say for so many of those building block cut-outs littered out there. even the 70’s coloured glass adds a bit of interest. there’s another church that looks a lot like a miniature ronchamp in cottesloe or roundabouts as well. st patricks?


  4. BedfordsCrackPotFraternity!! says:

    That is a bit odd !! – I suppose from the front on it looks like a side on spirit level? Needs a big bubble in the middle that floats left and right!
    Nice lighting,and good angle Laaaaaze! Looks a bit like Southern Comfort or scotch & coke!!Might make an interesting aquarium!


  5. greg hoey says:

    Actually like this kind of experimentalist jazzy 60’s modernist architecture, there’s few other very snazzy 60’s modernist architectural buildings and homes speckled throughout floreat built in the 60’s that I think were ahead of their time and show that perth did have some that at least in those days really tried to take perth out of its backwardness and isolationist ignorance.
    Actually in all honesty the worst of perth should be mostly considered 70’s through to 2005 the era where the grossest things have been allowed to happen and when perth people should’ve known better.


  6. Robotnik says:

    Love that orange glass and would love to be inside (never thought I’d say that about ANY church!) getting the whole orange vibe. Like putting on a giant pair of those awful bollés or would it be like drowning in ‘bore water brown’?


  7. lazyaussie says:

    The doors are multi coloured glass. It looks even better in real life. Not worth believing in St Cecelia mind, but not bad at all.


  8. tomthrett says:

    oops. um dear moderator guy. i was joking, it was meant to be sarcasm, this and the yokine churches rank amongst perths greatest(if you talk to architects) especially the yokine examples. Julius W Elischer (yokine) was one of the cities finest architects, hence the joke you should include his churches in the worst list. To put these works in hte worst list is essentially heracy! And st. cecilias architect(raymond jones) is one of the cities finest and most influential post war architects in the city. yikes. and bore water stains rule. perth doesnt have much unique features, bore water stain orange is one of them.


  9. lazyaussie says:

    Sorry mate, my sarcasm filter was working too hard. I think I must have seen a different yokine baptist. it wasn’t much to look at. The yokine anglican had a paint peeling hall attached to it.


  10. tomthrett says:

    um maybe. just on a side note, i have started a perths best architecture blog, it would be super if you checked it out.

    its pretty sketchy, but im just startin. ill post the yokine stuff on there soon. as i love them to deth.


  11. greg hoey says:

    No I don’t mind the architecture of church’s so much its the religiosity that comes from such places that I worry about.


  12. greg hoey says:

    I may be wrong or I maybe right, but think tomthretts part of the old perth establishment that is highly oppossed to sites such as this one that might shine a little light on so much of the cronyism that goes on in our little world.

    And may I also suggest his attempts at sounding streetwise and really unpretentious could well be seen as the worst of perth pretenders. are another of these government arts agencies with their OWN highly selective views on who and what is appropriate for the perth arts scene.


  13. lazyaussie says:

    Nah. I just think he likes architecture Greg. I’m going to get some cronys myself if I get the chance.


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