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Silver Surfer

Vincent B. Waverley 2024. He refused to get the silver back door. Weak. As. Piss. 

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Vincent B shares something from postcode 2031 – possibly a suicide note. But if you’re going to go, first edit. Then kern. 

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Weekend Worstoff 214

Vincent B. is giving youse a taste of worsting from Bronte Sydney this worstoff, which, if I remember correctly from my “Drinking Lattes at Mismatched Laminex Tables Guide to Australian Coffees“, is highly fixie compliant. Are they really throwing out that … Continue reading

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Brown and Green

I thought I might juxtapose two street scenes that span our great land. Green link from Waverley in Sydney by Vincent B, and a Herdsman verge by Rob F. And if you have to ask what the brown stains are … Continue reading

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