Outrage Sunday 295 down the drain

Apoligies for today’s abbreviated post. I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of these phenomena in Claremont. What is the nexus? I ask all TWOPpers: are you “invested”? Or are you going down the drain?
I’ve also been at another DTRH talk. We were in Freo’s High Street this time. “Our primary agenda is to create a world without money, but if YOU have a different idea that could change the world, WE want to hear from you, so we can support you. No idea is too radical for us (because what idea could be more radical than a cashless society?). Truth Seekers will find my tribe know their DTRH (Down the Rabbit Hole) stuff, and are willing to believe things most people wouldn’t.” Michael Tellinger knows. “It was really good. A lot of different opinions freely expressed. I think we are going to get somewhere.” “Sorry for not showing up, I had a problem with my vehicle.” “Very sorry for late notice. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to renigue on this one. See you next time.” “Just a thought as everyone is already changing the world and the groups intention is to radically reform how we live maybe a more appropriate meet up group name would be the paradigm shift meet up.”

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4 Responses to Outrage Sunday 295 down the drain

  1. Kyle says:

    It looks like someone had a good night hahahah #nangs4dayz


  2. Zuben says:

    What were nangs doing in Claremont ?

    They belong south of river where all the squalour and real fun lie .


  3. Misspent Yoof says:

    Nangs are also used by cyclists to reinflate tyres after a puncture… but it wouldn’t explain them being left lying around.


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