Outrage Sunday 293 DTRH

The trip back from Denmark was crazy! I was able to exercise my toilet talents at Kojonup and Williams.
After such rural rigours it was good to be back in the fleshpots. Behold: Subiaco’s newest parklet!
Does this qualify as toilet labour?
Even in the metropolis, there is still space.

Anyway. It’s all small fry when compared to the big picture. I may not be able to do the OS thing next weekend, as I’ll be helping to change the world.
“Can you imagine a world without money? It is money that controls us, enslaves us, and divides us. Money is the reason you have to work 8 hours a day at a job you hate, instead of following your dreams. It is the reason a child starves to death every 5 seconds somewhere on this planet.It creates hunger, poverty and crime. Without money, all these problems would disappear virtually overnight.
“I want to create a community of 1000 people who will change the world by proving it is possible to live without money… and not only live, but live better than people who are enslaved by money. Within this community you could do anything you wanted for a living… teach meditation, spiritual healing, write, paint, play music, sing. Follow your passion, whatever it may be. Once we have shown the world it is possible, others will want to follow our example, and it will start a domino effect that changes the world. If you want to know more, come to one of my meetups, and hear my ideas. I am especially interested in people who have their own ideas about how to change the world. Those are the people – above all others – that I want in my community. If you can’t bring an idea, be sure to bring an open mind. There are plenty of people who will think what I’m trying to achieve is impossible, and will even feel threatened by it. If that’s you, stay away: you’re part of the problem, not the solution.
“Tribal Meetings are where we get to know one another. You can bring along your idea for changing the world, or just listen to mine. See if you like me, and I like you. Tribal Meetings will be held fortnightly for the purpose of exchanging news, ideas and stories with each other, in order to bind the tribe together. The idea is one, big, happy family, but this will only happen if we get to know each other by coming together regularly.”
See you 2pm Saturday at the third floor food court in Carillon City.

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22 Responses to Outrage Sunday 293 DTRH

  1. cheapfame says:

    Newton Circle laksa 2pm. If still alive, change world 2:15pm.


  2. Zuben says:

    Q: What does laksa and a martini have in common ?


  3. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    Subi in a nutshell right there. Like one of Skinner’s pigeons madly pecking the vibrancy button and still no payout.


  4. mancey says:

    “….but this will only happen if we get to know each other by coming together regularly.”



  5. Bob Ross says:

    Worked at a now defunct bar at that corner of the subi “vibrancy plaza”. Hope they’ve cleared the grease traps and the pipework, the old leasers didn’t use food traps in their sinks and eventually the place kept flooding. Leasers tried to blame the staff… even though they asked for the food traps several times.

    Horrible place to work. Horrible club. Horrible location.
    Was empty nearly every day except when the footy was on. Subi is dead as.
    Oh and nobody talk about the public toilets in that plaza. Nobody has yet come out of them alive.


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