Cools Ned

Orbea documents Coolgardie’s odd obsession with Ned Kelly, (amongst other things to come). Again I’m called on to defend WA’s pissweak “bushranger” Moondyne Joe. Murdering crackpot Ned Kelly has nothing to do with our goldfields. Might as well have a memorial to John. Big Bad John. The one on the roof seems to be Ned Kelly as played by Hattie Jaques.k1k2

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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13 Responses to Cools Ned

  1. GivDBird says:

    Rollin’. Rollin’ to the Sid Nolan


  2. Anonymous says:

    I must get my hair cut – today!
    I look too much like the statue of Beethoven.
    (When I’m in a good mood, that is.)


  3. Graham Marshall says:

    I grew up in the Goldfields in the 1970s. Coolgardie was the first petrol stop on the way to Perth. I remember the ‘Ned Kelly’ statue in the park but not the one on the roof of the servo. The statue seems to have been moved, and he used to have a shotgun. He was at the front of the park (Ben Prior Park I gather from googling). My memory is that he was right at the front of the park, not skulking at the back. I guess without a shotgun he has no choice but to skulk. I remember thinking it was a statue of Ned Kelly, but that was as a young, young boy without any spatial awareness. But I remember a plaque that didn’t mention Ned Kelly at all, saying that someone dressed like this had robbed the stagecoach or something. I guess whoever took the shotgun took the plaque. Whatever. Maybe they should just sell the statue to Glenrowan, if they can’t afford a new fake shotgun for him.

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  4. Arcadia says:

    Do we have pics/portraits of moondyne joe? What about instead but in the same theme a statue of ‘naughty’ don rogers. ?

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