Outrage Sunday 190 Easter feature II

I have a soft spot for Easter (despite the anti-Semitism), as it’s when I got my TWOP start: good times. Last year I ranted about this disturbing product: this year it’s something to do with a Pommy dessert. Nothing much changes.

IMG_0397Is Zayn the mug, or Harry et al? Is Tod Johnston a chance to join?

IMG_0398Will #VII have Stormtroopers with bunny ears? Anything is possible in these uncertain times.

IMG_0396Surprise! Your egg has already been unwrapped!

IMG_0510Bah humbug! I bet people boycott eggs and buy dream catchers instead. “Catch a falling star, and put it in your pocket: never let it fade awaaaaaaaaaaaay…”






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6 Responses to Outrage Sunday 190 Easter feature II

  1. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    Easter used to be a time to stop, pause and think about the suffering and sacrifice of others. Like everyone trying to get over the old Mandurah traffic bridge. Now everyone is on a spiritual bypass.


  2. krazykym says:

    Maybe the Thorntons were aiming to replicate the wounds given to JC by the Romans?


  3. Rolly says:


    The faux Christian – six months out of kilter – Spring fertility festival rears it ugly, over-commercialised, head again.

    I had to check the calender on the fridge to check the actual date – it moves around a bit, Eh?!

    Too early for sacrificial lambs, the foxes have only just been ‘hunted’ – at the cost of the occasional ‘hunter’ and several unidentified examples of native wildlife – and bunnies are in short supply despite that.

    “May the gods preseve me from religion”, Abrahamic or otherwise.

    Religion must be the longest running ‘con’ job in human history.


  4. you'll get wet says:

    Jesus had an MBA. All you need to succeed is one good idea and know how to market it. If you can sell a Wish Jar you’re ready to progreess to New Age. Exception that proves the rule being Peel Thunder. They need a Gary.


  5. orbea says:

    its the anti-semitism that I like about easter, well anti- any religion really


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