Haynes Street Larder the best thing in town

My Kalamunda expose the other day was all about the built environment not about the actual businesses. I would like to point out that there are two places I do like in Kalamunda. The Haynes Street Larder, because it’s the only place that’s trying to do something different in town. It’s what Kalamunda has needed for years, despite the quinoa. The other is The Golden Eagle Chinese. Because it’s the same as it’s been forever. May it serve sweet and sour dreams for eternity.



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62 Responses to Haynes Street Larder the best thing in town

  1. Plonka says:

    Mildly interesting.


  2. Plonka says:

    Now I’m hungry.


  3. Sir Bill International says:

    You praise the pigs and what happens ? Sound of crickets .


  4. Orbea says:



  5. algernon1 says:

    Does it serve Chinese and Australian meals.


  6. Jess says:

    Hi there, I’m the owner of Haynes Street Larder. I hate to disappoint but I’ll never serve things in jars, I don’t follow trends. Just because I love quinoa that means what?
    I couldn’t care less that you like my shop. I’d rather you never came back. Spreading all this negativity is the opposite of what larder is about. I do what I do because I love it and kalamunda loves us too. My customers are the best. I’ve worked all around Perth and this is my favourite place to be. Despite the shire here being renowned for being the worst shire ever our little town is a beautiful place which is why I want to move here.
    I hope that you can find something more positive to focus on than bagging out people and places you are clueless about.

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    • So this is really how you want to respond is it? A business owner and this is how you reply, telling people who like your business to fuck off? And let’s look at your claims a little more closely. You say you don’t follow trends, but are serving quinoa? Isn’t that the most trend following thing you can possibly do? I mean isn’t it? Why pretend? If that’s what people want, why are you embarrassed about it ? And you say you are not following trends but open the most clichéd hole in the wall style of coffee outlet possible. Why be embarrassed by that? It’s what Kalamunda needs. It’s actually good! And you say I’m bagging out people and places I am clueless about. What are you talking about? I am completely clue full about Kalamutnda and your business. I lived there for years. I visit there frequently. This whole debate is an illustration about how inept Kalamunda people are about responding to criticism. This website has made comments about many areas in Perth.
      After the posts about the city of Perth, The Lord Mayor invited me to council house to discuss what They could do better. After posts on Maylands, the local member of parliament invited me to talk to them about what Maylands could do better. Nowhere said we would prefer go and whine like babies apart from Kalamunda. Why didn’t you reply saying, ” hey I love Kalamunda. Were trying to do something good. We’re doing some great cakes and coffee. Come and see us! You had an audience of tens of thousands a week. You got a positive e post about your business. Instead of building on that, you whined. Completely inappropriate.
      Ok, I’ll take my business elsewhere if that’s what you want. But you have a lot to learn about running a business. And who is being negative here? I put up a positive post and you whine. You are being the negative one. Take a deep breath and act like an adult. True story.


    • Dame Shazza says:

      Business Marketing 101- fail.


    • orbea says:

      [quote]I’d rather you never came back[/quote]
      Too easy


  7. Plonka says:

    Not hungry anymore.


  8. No, stuff it. I’m going there to buy some quinoa. I hope the sooky surly has to serve it to me. What’s it supposed to taste like by the way?


  9. Anonymous says:

    Golden Eagle is THE BOMB!


  10. orbea says:

    They’ve changed premises or taking over. Don’t know care even less


  11. El Guisto says:

    No they have the old cafe premises next to the surf shop…used to be a cafe until it closed sometime back. Probably because there was too much competition for the coffee $.
    If only someone would open a proper cafe in the big k.
    The sort where smoking is encouraged, overflowing ashtrays on every table, under cooked runny eggs, instant coffee and a fry up swimming in a pool of grease. Kalamunda is simply crying out for it.


  12. El Guisto says:

    Yes and there still is, next up from the retro store that closed (that was in the tavern building). Then the surf shop…surf type clothing etc (just what you need in Kalamunda) and now J n J. It was called Masons or something before. Went bust I think.


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