Jurasic Park-ish

This just in. Will they be more popular than teh T-Rex? Also: “The now extinct Josephoartegasia monesi was a type of rodent that weighed over a ton and was larger than a bull. Its modern-day relative, the capybara, is the size of a sheep.” giantrats

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2 Responses to Jurasic Park-ish

  1. Snuff says:

    One FLICK and they’re gone.


    • Rolly says:

      There are so many Parliamentarians who have inculcated themselves into the niche that the giant rats might occupy, that I give the rodents very little chance.
      Their human counterparts have developed superior defensive mechanisms; principally those of obfuscation, policy u-turns, and responding to questions with their political ‘pitch’ which rarely, if ever, relates to the query in the first place.
      Now, if we could only breed some giant cats to release into the hallowed halls of government, then something might actually be achieved.
      Any ‘hip’ cats ready to give it a go?


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