Tiger Beer taste stops local drunkenness

Snuff still resting his brain links. I am waiting to hear from Senator in Waiting Russell Woolf about an interview request. In the meantime, The Asia Beat lifts the lid on Australasia’s worst beer.

The Asia Beat

Singapore. Asia Pacific Breweries today confirmed beerdom’s worst kept secret – that Tiger Beer’s insipd and slightly unpleasant taste is a deliberate ploy to discourage local Singaporeans from drinking. Asia Pacific’s marketing manager Larry Boon-Hin told The Asia Beat, “We were in a difficult position. The Singapore government wanted an iconic beer that would be drunk by foreigners but not the locals. They wanted to discourage their own people from “lazy, work shy drunkenness” , while still pulling in the high alcohol taxes from foreigners.”

In 2004 in desperation, the company turned to New Zealand brewers to help gradually remove the flavour from Tiger. They turned not to DB, (Brewers of Tui), in which they had just bought a stake, but to Dunedin’s Speights, which has a strong tradition of brewing tasteless insipid lagers to the present day.

“We wanted something worse than Fosters, and Speights brewers delivered in spades!”…

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10 Responses to Tiger Beer taste stops local drunkenness

  1. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    Woo hoo. Go Dad.

    Say hi from me.


  2. billoslatter says:

    You’ll need a list of questions for Rusty, LA.
    1 Is an ABC person in the senate like putting a fox in charge of the henhouse (or a Woolf in sheep’s clothing)?
    2. Is Woolfie going to bring his panoply of interests to the Senate (from sheep crutching to making a decent meal out of mutton).
    3.Is there going to be an inquiry into the administration of 720A.M.
    4. Is Rusty across the new media, from the looks of it , not.


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