Outrage Sunday 137 The lamps are going out all over Europe

Last night (probably) in the Urban Orchard, after bouncy Stonehenge. This must have been what it was like for prehistoric cave-dwellers, watching the sun set: will it rise again? “The lamps are going out,” I wept into my $9 pale ale in a plastic cup. Krazy Kym knew what I meant. And, as if to mark the moment, there was a spew waiting for us when we got on the train. An outraged older bloke called Transperth and demanded someone deal with it, but they missed us at Claisebrook.




And the cringe is back on. Anon., Poor Lisa et al have already discussed this. Is it really news, and do they get all excited in Toronto or Cape Town or Dayton, OH, when something nice is written about them?


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27 Responses to Outrage Sunday 137 The lamps are going out all over Europe

  1. rottobloggo says:

    “To go to Western Australia and not experience its beach scene — a 25-minute subway ride from the city — is akin to visiting Los Angeles and shunning Malibu.”
    I assume his subway is a train. Perhaps the Manhatt’s Barkeep can advise.


  2. Bento says:

    I’m sure New Yorkers get equally excited whenever Stephen Scourfield writes about the Lower East Side.


  3. Perineum says:

    The writer found Perth that exciting and that was without even going to the Hyde Park Festival? Where (spoiler alert): you can get a vegetable peeler as seen on TV; dude playing panpipes that evokes… Fremantle in the 1980s; home made everything from our very own Duncraig; Falun Gong say they are being persecuted; and youths performing Michael Jackson routines not seen anywhere in the world for fifteen years; and carnies (whither go carnies the rest of the year?). Drowning in vibrancy.


  4. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    Casual dress day on the subway?


  5. richarbl says:

    Its hard to distinguish where the spew ends and the seat pattern begins.


  6. billoslatter says:

    It’s not long before the faeces flinging mankey monkeys start, as they always do, on the world’s leading mobilopolis (well until you hit a traffic jam).
    You can’t be a winner without the loosers taking potshots at you.


  7. The Realist says:

    Sorry to piss on this feel good parade of Perth but a nice paid piece written by the City of Perth and the WA Tourism Board which is written for Perth people if you look closer. If you noticed all the WA news outlets grabbed this with gusto and no one else did anywhere…


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