Outrage Sunday 79 dunny humour

Indiana, Cottesloe. (Where else?). I have been mocked before on this weblog for my public service on Marine Parade. I just give and give and give.

indianaEnraging. Just enraging. Melville.


A foreign friend drew my attention to some disgusting toilets mentioned on TripAdvisor. “Some say Fremantle is a giant toilet,” I said. Ha ha ha!

Krazy Kym and I were looking through our Indian pics from last year. She had to make an urgent trip to this one. Just getting inside without harm was an achievement.


And the less said about this, the better.



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15 Responses to Outrage Sunday 79 dunny humour

  1. This page form Tourism WA directly addresses the problem of shit dunnies in backpacker hostels or as they would say, in their inimitable style, facilitates visitation. Why aren’t there more holy sites in WA you may ask.


  2. That a dunny from the Furherbunker changerooms underneath the Indiana, am I right? Or has Hillary left a message?


  3. Dockers moving to cockburn so freo toilets may improve.
    I was a bit alarmed by reports of a “slav” roamin the joint. A slav.


  4. Bento says:

    Running all the pics at thumbnail size is certainly a novel solution to your ongoing focus problems. Nice work Outrage.


  5. Can the Cottosloe Council and Indiana Tea House work somehting out to upgrade the toilet ? It is such an unpleasant experience to everyone who uses the toilet. Also, the Council needs to post clear signage of $100 fine to alert car park over the 3 hour limit allowances.


  6. vegan says:

    i’m sure you’ll accuse me of cynicism if i suggest the toilets are left like that to discourage visitors, especially those from the eastern suburbs.


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